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IELTS Essay -250words - Technology Progression has a negative impact on us?

IELTS Essay ï 250 words - 40min

Technology progression has a negative impact on us. To what extent to you agree or disagree with this statement?

Technology has progressed considerably along the past decades in the fields of telecommunications, buildings, information technologies as well as household items.
This progress has changed the way we face our daily situations and leisure time.

In the 80' we already had TV broadcasts, landlines as well as other gadgets as result of many decades of researches and hard work of scientists. Nonetheless, they were always looking for something else, which led the world to discover new technologies. In the 90' the popularity of computers and mobile phones triggered a huge revolution in the telecommunication industry by enhancing the way we communicate from that period on. In addition, household gadgets and computers were getting better and better, bringing up tools to facilitate our activities.

Despite, benefits the technology progress provides us, there are some disadvantages related with some of them. For instance, as technology develops, more industries and supplements are required to feed it. In consequence of that, the dioxide of carbon emissions has increased dramatically, causing the global warming as well as changing the environment worldwide.

In addition, the evolution of the communication system is creating a lack of interpersonal skills in our children, as many of them spend too much time operating a computer to talk to their friends and to meet new friends, instead of having this relation in person.

From my perspective, the technology progression has brought many benefits to our society. Yet, regardless some disadvantages on which we have to learn how to cope. I disagree with the statement.

hi your essay is a good one i wanna take ielts exam in 3 month i'm not expert but according to ace ielts book if your essay body changed a little it became more interesting see this example below:

"Home schooling belongs to the past and is unacceptable in the modern society.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?


Everything has two sides and home schooling is not an exception. In the past it
seemed like the most natural way of educating the children, but today many
people criticize it.(u agree with the second part)

We must acknowledge that parents know their children best. That gives them a
good chance of knowing how to make child understand certain concepts. Using
child's interests, parents can make a process of learning more enjoyable and
effective. In addition, being at home makes child feel safe, which contributes to
his ability to concentrate on studying.(u write about side that u disagree)

Nevertheless, many people believe that teaching should be done by professionals.
There are many proven scientific approaches that produce good results and
without those techniques parents who teach their kids at home have no chance of
success. Associative learning is a good example of such a technique. Showing the
child images while learning the alphabet (apple for "a", boy for "b") makes him
or her remember the letters faster and easier.

Also not every parent is capable of teaching his or her child at home because the
blind can not lead the blind. Parents can not teach the children something they
don't know themselves, and let's face it - not all of us have profound knowledge of
history or geography even on a school textbook level. Eventually, even those
mums and dads who had succeeded at school could forget the material as the time
went by.(examples about side u agree)

In conclusion, I have more trust in abilities and experience of professional
teachers then I do in my own.
You write almost perfectly.
I want to tell you, though that your first paragraph seems incomplete. It should have another sentence added -- a sentence that tells whether or not you think technology has a negative impact on us. It is usually good for paragraphs to have at least 4 sentences when you write an essay.

As a consequence of that, the amount of harmful emissions has increased dramatically, causing the global warming as well as changing the environment worldwide.

From my perspective, the progression of technology has brought many benefits to our society.

Yet, it also has some disadvantages with which we have to learn how to cope. I disagree with the statement that technology has a negative impact, because the benefits of technology outweigh the drawbacks.

If nuclear weapons cause the whole human race to become extinct, you might change your mind and agree with the statement! :-)

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