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Work alone or in groups

fearistheenemy 5 / 9  
Jul 21, 2009   #1
This is a Toefl essay topic. I tried to write it, but I still feel something not good enough. Please check it for me.

Topic:Some people prefer to work in groups on projects, while other people prefer to work alone. What are the advantages of each, and which do you prefer?

Use details and examples to support your response.

There are ways to work on projects: some people choose to form a group, while others may find it more effective to work individually. I myself think that I am better at completing tasks alone; however, I never underestimate the effects of group working.

In the first place, working in a group is actually advantageous. Initially, members of the group have different thoughts, so they make a variety of good ideas to be done. Moreover, the volume of work can be divided among members, and each person has the chance to choose a task which is most suitable for him. As a result, the whole group needs less time to complete the work. For example, if a group of four were asked to write a biography of a famous figure, information about his private life and his achievement could be found by three of them, while the other one would be responsible for writing as he is best at it. Hence, the effect of the group's work would certainly improve.

However, I often obtain more success through individual working. The first reason is that when working alone, I can choose the time, the tasks and the way I like the work to be done, which gives me much enjoyment. In addition, as I am responsible for every single task of the work, I know it more thoroughly. For instance, if I had to write an essay on environment, it would be me who look for information and write it as well, and so no one else but me could use the information better to write.

I know that cooperation is very important in working, and forming a group is a great idea. However, to me working alone has its attraction, and I have been quite successful with it. I do not mind cooperate with other people, but individual working will still be my first choice.

trangquynh 4 / 20  
Jul 21, 2009   #2
I think you have answered the question quite well. Structure and liking words of the essay are good. I think it would be better if you add another sentence to comment on your example in the second paragraph of the body part like you did in the first one.

the effectiveness of the group's work would certainly improve
I do not mind cooperating with other people
the whole group might need less time to complete the work (my english teacher said we should avoid definite statement in our essay-> it depends on you ultimately, however)
HoNoRStudent 1 / 6  
Jul 21, 2009   #3
I think this is well written. I am definitely biased in this situation because I much prefer to work alone in any kind of project, but you made good points.
EF_Simone 2 / 1,986  
Jul 21, 2009   #4
However, I often obtain more success when working on my own .

I do not mind cooperating with other people, but individual labor will always be my first choice.
Cosmo Resources /  
Jul 21, 2009   #5
I think you have written very good, with nice strong points. I myself like to work individually but lot of time i have worked in group and the main advantage i have seen in it is the knowledge we share, which we can't obviously in working alone.
tiantian12 8 / 47  
Jul 25, 2009   #6
I think the essay is well written for Toefl standard~ you effectively use the logic connection in your passage. keep working!
EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
Jul 26, 2009   #7
You have managed to incorporate arguments for both sides while still clearly taking a stance in favor of working individually, which is good. Your grammar could use some polishing. For instance:

"Initially, members of the group have different thoughts, so they make a variety of good ideas to be done." You don't really "make" or "do" ideas, so the phrasing is difficult to follow. You might have tried "Working in a group exposes you to a wide variety of ideas, some of which you might never have thought of on your own." I don't know if there is an easy way to avoid these sorts of problems, I'm afraid. I suspect that you will simply have to keep reading and writing until time and effort bring you to the point where you can do this for yourself.
john6503 9 / 27  
Jul 27, 2009   #8
Did you write this essay for TOEFL? If so, are you meant to state both sides? I know there is no exact formation of writing, but from what I uderstand, I was told by many people that stating only one side can be more effective to clearly express your argument, especially for TOEFL, which ask you to take one side.
EF_Simone 2 / 1,986  
Jul 27, 2009   #9
With TOEFL or any other essay test, the most important thing to do is read the question carefully. If it asks for both sides, give both sides. If it asks for one side, give one side. If it asks for your opinion, you are free to choose one side or to give an opinion that takes both sides into account. Certainly, arguing only one side is easier, so it's often best to do that when you have a choice. But, again, the most important thing to do is read the question carefully and follow its instructions.
john6503 9 / 27  
Jul 27, 2009   #10
Oh I didn't read the question thoroughly, I thought it was asking whether you agree or not, which mostly TOEFL ask for. I know now how important it is to read question properly.

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