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dinhphong 1 / -  
Mar 5, 2019   #1
The world of work is changing rapidly and employees cannot depend on having the same job or the same working conditions for life. Discuss the possible causes for this rapid change, and suggest ways of preparing people for the world of work in the future.

The fast change

In recent decades, there has been growing a trend in making alterations of works and which have been causing change in applying for the same job and the same working conditions of life of workers. Although, this immediate change causes a plenty of beneficial results, candidates need to have preparations of their life for the world of work in the coming time.

On the one hand, there are a great deal of results for the rapid change of the world of work. Firstly, a part of this change is caused by the new industrial revolution which has been playing an extremely vital role in recent time. Artificial intelligence, for example, is the key in this revolution, making quality of human life more convenient and modern than the past because machine represents human in manual works. Secondly, this change has been making a lot of diverse works for human. In fact, the rate of poverty decreases significantly by change of the world of work, making human life more affluent and making a civilized and modern social life.

On the other hand, because of speedy change, human would prepare a several ways in studying and working. First, student should be more conscious of cutting-edge technology and concentrate more about subjects which related to science and technology. For instance, government should encourage student study physic and chemistry and contribute money for geniuses who gained certain achievements to help students have necessary knowledge for applying for jobs in the future. Moreover, workers need to develop themselves for fast changing working environment. In fact, the science improvement claims human should be self-conscious, which helps them are not obsolete when the world is progressing day to day.

In conclusion, the fast change is the reason that make human have to alter his job and working condition but the results that it bring which is completely advantage for our life.

coke 11 / 24 11  
Mar 9, 2019   #2
Hello dinhphong,

Firstly, the prompt has never mentioned any trend in making alterations of works so I think your attempt to paraphrase here is misleading.

I think your answer in this essay has deviated from the question. The prompt asks for the causes of the change while you're discussing the results in the 1st body paragraph.

In body 2, you suggest that students should focus on taking science and technology courses to prepare for work in the future but you haven't provided the reason why that is.

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