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IELTS writing task 2 about a work-life balance: related problems and the best solution

KieuOanh151202 1 / 5  
Jul 31, 2022   #1
Hi, I'm learning to write ielts task 2 essay, thanks for your assessment in advance. Would you mind focusing on assessing my word choice, task achievement, grammar, coherence and cohesion?


Many people try to balance work and other parts of their life. However, this is very difficult to do.

What are the problems associated with this?
What is the best way to achieve a better balance?

These days, people tend to work with intensity as they aspire to a successful career. However, apart from work, life includes other aspects, so it can be very challenging for one to strive for a balance between professional and personal life. This essay aims to examine the two major issues that often stem from this social dysfunction and offer the most plausible solution.

It goes without saying/ It is apparent that these issues are health concerns and breakdown of family relations/ Lack of strong family bonds), which are linked to an excessive workload. Firstly, taking too many responsibilities of a job that are higher than one's available time and ability can lead to lack of rest affecting negatively mental and physical wellness. For example, workers who are often inundated with office duties may not get enough sleep and are more likely at risk of/ are at a higher risk of depression and cardiovascular diseases. Secondly, when individuals opt to spend most of the day in the workplace, they might hardly see their loved ones. Consequently, a poor interaction with family members would occur, facilitating weakening the ties. Parents that overcommit to work are a good case in point. Being absent from home regularly, they would rarely communicate with their offspring and two sides would not be close and understand each other as well.

Nevertheless, this scenario could be treated/ remedied/ mitigated/tackled by arranging a realistic timetable comprising activities in both personal and professional life. In other words, people should note down things that need to be done in order of priority and then limit time to complete each one, so that they can allocate their resources accordingly. This could not only help a person stay satisfied at work, but also have time to relax, recharge the batteries and strengthen the relationships at home. For example, employees can use applications to make a to-do list and set time for it. Because if they are put under pressure to finish a task in a certain amount of time, they will likely focus on truly important things and work more efficiently, thus, would reach targets in the company on the dot easier and get back to home earlier.

In conclusion, although there are many problems related to balancing different plates of work, family and other things, it can still be achievable by designing a suitable schedule.

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Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,574 4445  
Aug 5, 2022   #2
The lack of a direct response to the 2 questions provided resulted in the lack of a clear writer's opinion presentation in this task. There is no thesis statement upon which the examiner will be able to judge how applicable and relevant the succeeding discussion paragraphs will be in relation to the given prompt. Since the first paragraph is used to assess the writer's ability to respond to given questions quickly and coherently, as he would in a classroom discussion setting, being unable to do so in the written form, where he has more time to think about his response to the questions, is not a good sign for the exam taker. The examiner will not award points for merely repeating the discussion instructions.

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