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Work/Money impact of Jobs on life

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Oct 12, 2011   #1
When one applies to anything one question always comes up, whether or not one has any job experience. Due to this one can only conclude that job experience is important. Even, when applying to college having a job is very important for the college to understand that one has good time management. Not only is a having a job, at a young age good for time management it is also good for many other reasons, such as learning independence, self confidence, and ownership. These items are very important for the development of an individual and having a job helps shape these greatly. Having a job benefits and individual greatly, and as one grows older these benefits become more evident and more gratifying.

At a young age one can begin even the easiest job, for example, a paper route. From that early age they learn responsibility. They know that in the morning they have to get up at the same time, and complete the task they are being paid for. The receiving of money teaches the child at a young age of ownership, they understand that if they want something their parents are not willing to buy them, they can buy it themselves. This helps the child with independence, and helps the child learn that he can do what he wants, if given the opportunity. Finally, self confidence is learned through being independent. From my experience, earning an allowance was very important to me. With this extra money I could treat myself to something that my parents may not have necessarily bought me. Although my parents were the ones giving me this money, it still felt good knowing that I had earned it. As I had more job experiences, I learned that now having a job has a greater impact on life.

From this early age one learns that you have to work hard in order to gain something. This is very important at this age to know this because they will learn to not take things for granted. If one sees the difficulties of earning money, they will be more thankful for the things that they receive. In Dagoberto Gilb's essay, Work Union, he says that the only good in work is when the very best people work hard. Money isn't easily earned and to earn well money one may have to go through many years of schooling.

The influence of jobs continues to increase as aging goes on. During high school when a one begins to become even more independent having a job can help this process. With their job they can buy a car if they will, go out to dinner, and hang out with friends. This allows for an even greater development of ownership of their property. The items that they buy become more important, knowing that they worked hard to earn them. A big part of having a job during these years is important, in that they are starting to save up for college. This provides even more responsibility, and one the most important at this time is financial responsibility. They learn to spend money wisely, and know learn the responsibilities of abusing the use of money. One characteristic that will continue in ones life that is very well is teamwork and communications.

Most jobs that one contributes in during teen years, are dealing with people. This is very beneficial to an individual especially in later careers. Communication is very important no matter what job; you go into; from being a teacher and communicating with your students to being an engineer and communicating during an important meeting with your co workers. From my own experiences, and interacting with people in my age group, I can see in those people that have jobs, a higher level of confidence and communication. Another very important aspect of having a job, contributes to laziness.

Obviously one can not have a job and be laziness. These are two words that do not go hand in hand. There is an example, of this from Gilb's essay again, when he mentions that it is human to work, to bend and grip, to lift and pull. This doesn't necessarily mean that not doing these things makes you lazy; however, it is just an example of the meaning of work. These can be used as metaphors for other characteristics such as working hard in order to get a point across in a meeting. This attribution of not being lazy is very beneficial to have at a young age. In addition, with working in a fast food restaurant an adolescent may see that with this amount of money it is hard to provide for them. This leads to one striving to have more of an impact on ones society.

As one grows older, having a job becomes of more importance. It is no longer whether or not you have enough money to go to dinner with some friends. Rather, having a job affects your family and the people around you. Even at this age, having a job can have an effect on self confidence and responsibility. During the middle ages of ones life, there comes the factor of people depending on you. When one doesn't have people that depend on them this may even lead to laziness. In order for self confidence an adult must feel that they are valued in their society. Not having involvement in the society, for example by providing for you family can leave a person feeling shallow.

I believe that every job out there contributes to society in some way. The biggest contribution a job has is to the individual doing it. Jobs teach a person many things; self confidence, responsibility, and ownership.

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Oct 12, 2011   #2
When one applies to anything one question always

Hi Kory, this phrase is unclear: "When one applies to anything..." I know what you mean, but it could be clearer.
Whenever one applies for an employment opportunity, one question always...

Due to this one can only conclude that job experience is important. It "goes without saying," so don't say it.

Not only is a having a job at a young age good for learning time management, but it is also...

This attribution attribute of diligence (rather than laziness) is very beneficial to have at a young age.---I made a small change here.

Okay, this essay has great structure, but much of it is obvious. I think we all know and agree about many of the benefits you described. So... whenever some idea "goes without saying," you do not have to say it. When you state the obvious, people stop paying attention. So... I suggest cutting out many obvious sentences and replacing them with astute observations. :-)
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Oct 12, 2011   #3
I got a message that you were not satisfied with the advice I gave you!
Do you have time to reply and give me your thoughts about my suggestion above?

My most important advice for you is that you should write sentences that are not so obvious. Your English is quite good, so I hope you'll trim away the "statements of the obvious." In my opinion, a whole essay can be ruined by even 1 statement of the obvious. It is better to say less instead of more.

We write essays because we have an important idea to share. So... do not tell people anything they already know. You must make sure you are sharing observations that the reader may not have already made.
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Oct 12, 2011   #4
Every time you contact EF to complain about my advice, I am going to come back here and make fun of you some more.

You should take some responsibility for your essay or at least respond to my ideas so that we can have DISCOURSE.

If you do not know what an astute observation is, google it. It is the opposite of the observations you are making here. When Thoreau wrote "Civil Disobedience," it was because he had made an observation that was worth writing an essay about. Can you make an observation about job experience that goes beyond what is obvious? If someone reads this essay they might say, "Okay, but tell me something I don't already know."

So dig a little deeper, and before you start to write you can make one unique observation that is not obvious.
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Oct 13, 2011   #5
I didn't mean to offend you, it's just that in my writing my thoughts are pretty good, except I have a lot of problems with grammar, sentence claritiy, and things like that the structure for example. I just prefer you to check the grammar, I know you're busy, but you checked my last essays once and provided a lot of detailed grammatical errors that I made and it was very beneficial.

What do you mean you are making fun of me, I honestly, thought that last comment was some actual advice? I am sorry for not replying, I checked back a couple times but didn't notice you had written something else, I'm sorry.

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