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IELTS Essay: Work or study from home - advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

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Jun 18, 2014   #1
Hi All,

Can you please review the essay for me please?

Essay Topic - In some countries, with the widespread use of the internet, people are able to work or study from home, instead of having to travel to work or college. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages? Discuss and state your own opinion.

In some countries, especially the developed ones, the extensive use of internet, has opened up a new range of possibilities for many people to work and study from home than ever before. By this way Individuals avoid travelling to workplace or college by remotely connecting from home. This is a dream option for many while others are concerned about its pitfalls. This essay will analyse both benefits and drawbacks before arriving at a satisfactory outcome.

On one hand, there are certainly a lot benefits when it comes to working or studying from home. Most obvious is proximity to home and family, For many, the physical proximity to family and the convenience of being at home are tremendously comforting and much needed to maintain a proper balance between work or study and family life. As an example, for new parents it can be especially pacifying to know that they are very near to their children and available should they be needed for any reason. Moreover, an individual can save the travelling time to office or universities and utilize them on their work or studies. Thus, the advantages that people enjoy by working or studying from home, are obvious.

On the flip side of the coin the disadvantages of working or studying from home are aplenty too. Often, professionals and students complain of isolation and loneliness and this can be very depressing to some. For instance, people who work or study remotely don't get the opportunity to interact with colleagues or fellow students and this makes their life difficult. The other big disadvantage of working at home is that there can be a lot of distractions that can really hurt the productivity and require a person to work or study extra time to get the job done.

In conclusion, working or studying from home proves to be more beneficial if the drawbacks are properly addressed. It is hoped that this trend will become more welcomed in the near future.

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Jun 19, 2014   #2
First of all I just want to ask you that this topic is yours right? I mean you created it?
garung1187 3 / 4  
Jun 19, 2014   #3
'this makes their life difficult': what are the difficulties?
don't = don not (abbreviation not advised)
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Jun 19, 2014   #4
I cannot find what the task wants, put your own opinion by some phrases : in my opinion, in my view, it seems to me

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