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'working in an office is boring and bad for your health?' - work Essay

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Oct 17, 2011   #1
Some people think that working in an office is boring and bad for your health, and some say the opposite, they think that it is much easier, cleaner and more comfortable to work in an office. As a dispatcher in MV Transportation, my job gives me the freedom to interact with the customers and coworkers. Some of the tasks I do include sending messages to the drivers to pick up the customers, making sure that they are on time for the pickup. I also use the computer to monitor where the drivers are in case if someone gets lost, I guide them to the right locations.

I am really satisfied with what I do. I go to work excited and knowing that I will have fun in the office, and also I come home every day with a smile on my face and feeling happy. There is always some good side and a bad side for every job you do, the bad side about my job is dealing with the customers complaining how our drivers don't come on time, and that they drive slowly. I sometimes hear all sort of complains concerning the safety of the drivers. I usually ignore those people complaining because I know that our drivers are doing what they are supposed to do. I try to create a good environment and always hope for the best by making myself happy and active. Those who find their work boring are much more liable to make mistakes and just not be suitable for it. Therefore, they end up being unemployed and more likely to get fired if they find another job.

It is more comfortable and safe to work in the office. There is competition among other coworkers you try to do well and the manager rewards your good work ethic by promoting you to a higher position. There are also people who make a living from working at home. I personally think it is a bad idea because when you are alone at home, you need someone who can motivate you. It can be quite boring to work alone and this can destroy your mood.

I can't complain about my job, most of the customers are friendly and the coworkers are very pleasant. The managers are pretty much involved with everything that happens. My supervisor respects all the employees; he prepares them for the job and give them good training. If you don't mind flexible hours of work, then this job suits you perfectly. But if you don't like working long hours, it's better to look elsewhere.

This kind of job also makes you acquainted with different people in person. So you do not just talk with them on the phone or take orders you actually meet them in person. To make customers satisfied is not about luck it is a combination of teamwork and a lot of experience. Work experience is a great value for me in the first place because of all the points that were listed above. My work history is not very long, but in my case I think quality is way more important than quantity and it is only the matter of time. I try to get everything I can from this job experience to become a very valuable employee not only here but in any job. I encourage anybody that is interested in a job to come checkout MV Transportation.

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