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TOEFL: working three or five days a week? "killing two birds with one stone"

Tiffany Lin 3 / 5 1  
May 18, 2014   #1
Question: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
It's more enjoyable to have a job where you work only three days a week for long hours than to have a job where you work five days a week for shorten hours.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

The topic about working for long hours within three days or shorter hours for five days becomes a popular topic. For most people, working is tiring and annoying, but the form to complete the work for a week is often relative to how you feel when you work. I am the type of person who would condense my hard time to feel better. The following are reasons why I prefer working long hours in three days to shorter hours in five days.

To begin with, condensing my work allows me to do my own stuff in "complete days". A complete day means a lot to me, because there is only one thing to focus on in one day. If the day is for work, then try your best to complete the work within twenty-four hours. After the day, all the work is done, and the rest time is all yours. There is nothing to worry about and you can concentrate on your own entertainment or spend time with family. My cousin works at a corporation, the system is the same as I mentioned. So he spends the other two days fishing, climbing, doing what ever he wants to do, and on weekends, he spends time with family and friends. He told me the working day is stressful, however as you pass the three days, you can arrange your activity, also it's a good way to release the pressure and maintain your own health included mentally and physically. Isn't it a good way to live?

Second, in the shoes of companies on this issue, making the work done in three days rather than five days seems more efficient to customers. Though the hour of working is the same, the finished date is different. That is to say, if there is a project takes 15 hours to finish, then, the corporation work for longer hours can submit their final product in three days only; on the other hands, the company work for five days a week will spend tow more days to hand the completed work. So, if you are a customer, what will you do? Will you choose the company spending three days or five days to work with? Once I need to printed posters, I asked many copy stores when would they finish printing my posters, if they stated that day. My ultimate choice was the fattest copy store. There is always something more out there need to be done. As the posters were printed, I need to post them in several different spots. So as the business, everyone is in a hurry to make their work done so they could move to the next steps. Thus, more working hours, fewer working days can also brings business to the company.

As you can see, working for long hours but fewer days can benefit the employees and the company, customers. Employees have more private time and the company is famous for their high efficiency in customer's view, but actually the working time is the same as other five-days companies. Why don't you try such a killing-two-birds-with-one-stone form?

brisky 5 / 13 2  
May 18, 2014   #2
good essay.. well presented
OP Tiffany Lin 3 / 5 1  
May 18, 2014   #3
I found you suggest the same thing to lots people as well....
ompare the last one I hope you did finish reading my essay.

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