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World's economic status and lack of jobs - reasons for going to college or university

mrscatoni 3 / 4  
Sep 1, 2011   #1

Business and Personal Reasons - IELTS< reasons for going to college or university

please review and if possible give me a band.thank you

Nowadays, the world's economic status and the way to find a job have completely changed. As a result, people are more likely to afford a college or university studies and they more often need it in order to proceed in a career. The reasons to attend those courses are various and can be divided based on personal or work purposes.

Regarding the personal aspect, I believe students often decide to dedicate few years of their life to ameliorate their knowledge. A good example of this approach can be found in those colleges which provide a large spectrum of subjects without focusing on a particular field. Subsequently those pupils would be able to proceed in more narrowed studies or simply benefit from their educational background for their daily life. By contrast, others would face their indecision with a university course which would give them the opportunity to meet new peers and to wide their horizons. Most of the time however, those students are funded by family and they certainly have not need to look for a job quickly.

On the other hand, I would say that the majority of Youngers that initiate university or college are pronating to improve their chance to start a career. In fact, those days the world of qualified work is competitive and high demanding. Therefore, preparation at a high level and standard is paramount. In other words, if a young pupil wants to become a doctor or an engineer, with all the benefits which can be gain in terms of wages, self-satisfaction and social status for instance, the only pathway to achieve it is through university.

On conclusion, although some students enrol higher education courses in seek of public relations, personal knowledge or for sabbatical years, in my opinion the most common reason is related to the better job opportunity they can achieve.

DavidWKW 1 / 6  
Sep 2, 2011   #2
You can change nowadays to in this contemporary era ^^
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Sep 2, 2011   #3
It is a good essay. I think enrol and enroll both are correct. The first one is BR and the second one is AM.
Longman contemporary dictionary ---> I decided to enrol for 'Art for Beginners'.
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Sep 11, 2011   #4
Thank you to everybody. I just discover that even On conclusion is wrong...In conclusion is the right way.thank for the advice, very useful..two weeks to the test..!

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