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Writing IELTS TASK 1: World Meat Production, 1950-1990

Grahyta24 6 / 12 2  
Aug 12, 2019   #1

four kinds of meat production

The line chart illustrates the number of four kinds of meat production in million tons around the world from 1950 to 1990. Overall, the production of Pork, Beef/Buffalo, and Poultry increased noticeably, while Sheep/Goats were produced steadily over the period.

In the beginning of the period, Pork and Beef/Buffalo started just below 20 million tons and Poultry stood at 5 million tons. By 1960, there was a significant growth of Beef/Buffalo until finally it overtook Pork's position for around 40 million tons in 1970. However, Pork's production went up sharply, leaving Beef/Buffalo under and reached the highest amount of production in 1990 by 60 million tons. Moreover, Poultry production had a moderately rise in the first 30 years and it climb dramatically in the last decade for approximately 30 million tons.

The different trend has been show by Sheep/Goat's production, which it stood at 5 million tons in 1950 and remained stable during first 30 years. Futhermore, there was a slight growth for around 1 million ton in the last 10 years.

ahsan_daniyal 3 / 7 1  
Aug 14, 2019   #2
the way you have compiled you answer is good and there is no significant error in it but i spotted a few grammar mistakes
1- 2 nd para 3rd line you write "leaving beef/buffalo under" although "BEHIND" would be a better word in place of "under"
2- 2nd para 4th line, "had a moderate rise" is correct instead of "had a moderately rise"
3- Again in the same line "climbed" is correct instead of "climb" as you are writing in the past tense

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