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Writing Task 1: World Population Growth 1800-2100

abangabul93 15 / 27  
Oct 30, 2016   #1
The graphs below provide information on global population figures and figures for urban populations in different world regions.

The line chart reveals the trend about the growth of world population across the globe from 1800 to 2100, whilst the bar chart shows an estimated population proportion in developed regions and developing regions for the next 25 years, measured by millions. Overall, it is immediately obvious that the rise of global population will not only be expected in the world, but also in some areas.

The global population growth has appeared to increase gradually since 1800. It is clear that between 1800 and 1960, there is a slight rise growth from 1 billion to 3 billion people. In the next following years, this trend still occurs to increase and will be predicted to rise continuously before declining slightly in the near future. More broadly, the growth rate is expected to reach a peak of 8.2 billion in 2050, and then dip to around 6.2 billion people in 2100.

Apart from the previous prediction, almost urban population growth will occur in areas of developing countries in the next 25 years. On the other hand, a level off rate of urban population will experience in areas of developed countries at approximately 1.3 billion the same period. (196 words)

kiki23 37 / 64 4  
Oct 30, 2016   #2
Hi! I have some feedback for you!

...almost all of urban population growth...

On the other hand, the rate of urban population in developed countries is experiencing an increasing trend and reach at approximately 1.3 billion the same period.

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