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IELTS TASK 2- Write an essay on environment conservation and challenges.

twid 4 / 8  
Aug 18, 2016   #1
Write an essay on environment conservation and challenges.

In the 20th century, mankind have witnessed tremendous industrial growth. This growth has led people to many problems, such as global warming, environmental destruction, deforestation, etc. In the recent Paris Summit many nations have expressed their concerns and discussed the challenges of sustainable development. This essay will discuss issues related to environment degradation and suggest some preventative measure.

The humanity have advanced by leaps and bounds due to advent of technologies and ground breaking innovations. However, our blind advancement and greed have pushed us on the edge, where greenhouse gases are causing uncertain weather patterns. The air pollution has increased due to increase in number petroleum based vehicles. Even though, two-third of earth surface is covered with water still there is shortage of drinking water, it is due to deposition of toxic waste directly into the rivers.

To overcome world need to come together to combat these challenges. We should emphasis more on public transportation than private vehicle, to curb emission of poisonous gas from vehicles. All the countries should enforce laws, to treat industrial waste before dumping into water bodies. That will prevent further deterioration of ecosystem of water bodies.

In conclusion, undoubtedly population of the Earth cannot survive without development. However, blind growth will make life worse for our future generations. Hence, world has to take stringent measures to combat these menaces.

Riandi31 2 / 9  
Aug 18, 2016   #2
hello twid
it is good essay
after reading your paragraph, i have some suggestions:
i hope it will help

1. you should try to vary your vocabulary. please make sure that only one vocab which is allowed in one paragraph. for instance, you can change environment to circumstance or ambiance or atmosphere since you have written this vocab for more than one.

2. you can also change than to be : in addition, furthermore, also, what is more,
as such, your sentence will be better,

3. make sure that you have carefully checked your grammatical accuracy prior to posting,

good job buddy
Iforsa 35 / 54 5  
Aug 18, 2016   #3
hiii smith i love your summary, here some suggestion for you to strengthen your summary...
In the recent Paris Summit many (you can use a wide range of or plenty of as uncommon word for many ) nations have expressed their ...

To overcome (to overcome what? i think this sentence is not complete. i did not found the object of this sentence ) world need to come together ...

thank you

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