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Write a paragraph about the advantages of shopping online

hongvan2510 1 / -  
Sep 4, 2019   #1
Shopping online is a hot topic that everybody concerns about Obviously, it plays an important role in the modern life. The number of people do shopping online is increasing. In my opinion, the three following ideas are advantages of shopping online. Firstly,shopping online is very imformative and useful . Through internet, we can get the latest information about things we want easily and rapidly without leaving home. With the traditional way of buying, we have to come directly to the store and have to come around the time the store opens.But when buying online u can buy at any time u want .Secondly,we can save time. By the normal way, we must go to the shop or center to go shopping but now, just be pressing a button we can watch and buy things. So that we will have more time to do some other works. Finally, u can have some deals . It can be said that there are not many promotions like things sold online. So that u can buy it with a smaller price than real. In short, shopping online is very good in the life. But " every coin has 2 sides" so we should use it correctly to have the best thing.

Home / Writing Feedback / Write a paragraph about the advantages of shopping online
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