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write a paragraph of effects of early marriage.

vinh 1 / 1  
Apr 9, 2012   #1
Early marriage can lead to some negative effects. Firstly, it restricts the freedom of individual. When people get married, they have to spend most of their time on taking care of their own family, therefore, all their hobbies have to be changed. Besides, they have to cope up with other problems such as buying a house, furniture and making money to support themselves as well as their chilren. As a result, they have no time to enjoy the pleasure of teenage life. Secondly, getting married early distracts people from studying. Once they spend time on their daily lives, they don't have time to cover their studies.Without studying, rarely do they make progress in their career. Thus, it makes people difficult in bringing up their children well. Finally, people who marry early are more likely to get divorced. Some people get married even though they know little about each other. Therefore, quarrels and misunderstanding are inevitable. Comsequently, they divorce in a very short time. To sum up, because of negative effect on young people's development as well as marriage itself, people should not get married early.

JackyQ - / 1  
Apr 9, 2012   #2
Good evening:
I think maybe u can add up an example to perfect ur essay. BTW ur essay is pretty good,

Jiya 6 / 18  
Apr 9, 2012   #3
When people get married, they spend most of their time on taking care of their families in-spite of themselves. All their hobbies get change.
They cope up with other problems....
As a result, they don't have any time....
distracts people from further study.
Without further education...
Thus it makes people difficult to bring up their children properly.
they get separate within a short period

Though your views are awesome but you should tell some positive effects also, then you should give the conclusion.
Overall it's a good try.
company - / 1  
Apr 9, 2012   #4
i agree with your opinion, and i think you need adding more the problems of health can be met when marriage early.
ex: the women have pregnance early can't born a healthy baby,
serious disease, intelligence of chidren...
Thors Hammer 5 / 60  
Apr 11, 2012   #5
Just an idea.
All too often couples engage in early marriage, not considering the primary question "are they compatible for long term continuity?" Many couples rush into marriage without considering their harmonious characteristics. This sometimes leads to complications coursing marriage development as they find and solve secrets in one another. Moreover, it stands to good reason that the more couples share with one another, elevates the level of trust shared together. This comes with time, necessary to truly know one another; in other words, it does not happen overnight. Couples that hurry to get married risk the chance of unplanned pregnancy, forcing couples to choose between a path of academia or blue-colored work to support their new and growing family. This fact alone should be enough to deter marriage until well after college or university. Then, too is the fact that as we get older, our priorities change. In addition to lax divorce laws that easily allow for divorce, leading to estranged parents and foster-homed children. Society ought to take a good look around, and recognize that corruption starts with the union between unwary marriages.
veronicamosquer 2 / 3  
Apr 12, 2012   #6
themselves as well as their chilren.... children
misunderstanding are inevitable. Comsequently, .... Consequently

and I agree, you have to write good, bad, and example
OP vinh 1 / 1  
Apr 13, 2012   #7
Veronica Mosquera, you only write what I wrote. You comment nothing.
dumi 1 / 6,928 1592  
Apr 13, 2012   #8
As a result, they have no time to enjoy the pleasures of teenage life.

Comn sequently, they divorce in a very short time.

You have good arguments in your essay. But, as previous comments highlight, you need to support them with good examples to convince your argument to the reader. For example;

...As a result, they have no time to enjoy the pleasure of teenage life. For example, an early teenage married girl, who is still not a major, would have to play the role of a mother bearing all motherly responsibilities and therefore would not be allowed to enjoy her life as a carefree teenager.

I also feel if you talk about the problems relating to maturity levels, physical and psychological conditions then your essay would be stronger.

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