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Write a paragraph of about 180 words about the advantages of electronic devices in learning.

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Mar 1, 2022   #1

benefits of electronic devices to the learning process

Students can derive substantial benefits from the application of electronic devices to the learning process. One of the most viable advantages is the financial benefits. In other words, with the assistance of electronic devices, the expenses of studying can be reduced. This is because electronic gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, computers, and so on are now crucial tools to access the Internet. By accessing the Internet, students may exploit various sources of information without charge. To exemplify, free online dictionaries such as Oxford Learner's Dictionary or Cambridge Dictionary have been widely used in recent years. Another benefit worth mentioning is that electronic devices can help facilitate the transmission of knowledge. Thanks to the aid of advanced electronic devices, many innovative methods of teaching have been created. Compared to the obsolete use of blackboard and chalk, modern technology-based lessons are more enchanting to students. For instance, using computers and projectors in class may give provide students with better illustrations of the lesson, hence better memorization and comprehension. In conclusion, with the help of electronic devices, students cannot only save their money but also improve their performances.
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Mar 2, 2022   #2
When speaking of electronic devices in relation to learning, it will be best for the writer to specify what these gadgets are and these are useful to or help enhance the learning process. The general descriptive word can be used in the introduction, but specific references should follow.

Though there is a word limitation when it comes to writing, that does not negate the need to use paragraphs in the presentation. Paragraphs are part of English writing fundamentals due to the ease it brings to writing where clarity of thought and explanation focus are essential.

The learning discussion based on electronic devices was eventually lost in favor of the use of the internet in learning. Those are 2 different discussion aspects. It removed the focus from the electronic learning instrument discussion. However, the blackboard explanation is an essential part of the discussion. It was right to give it a specific mention.

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