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How to write an essay in TOEIC : You prefer working in the small or large company?

sunny989 1 / 1  
May 18, 2020   #1

Which company is best for me to work there?

There are a lot of factors influencing the decision of a company you would like to work in such as working environment, salary, location,... One of them is the size of that company. While many people assume that a large company will give the employees more chances to get access to a professional environment and a high pay rate. However, I have many reasons to apply for a job for a small company instead of the large one.

First of all, working in a small company will help you multitask easier. A small company usually owns 3-4 members in a team, therefore, sometimes you must take over different tasks at the same time, which becomes an opportunity to cultivate skills and challenge yourself by chance.

Secondly, a small company frequently provides a free and energetic environment. It is not crucial to comply with rigid regulations and always say ''yes'' to anything your boss gives. In spite of new staff, you also speak up for the development of your company at the meeting.

Next, almost everyone supposes that you can get a promotion quickly in a small company. The reasons for that are you must compete with fewer people, receive more responsibilities. In a small business, an outstanding idea can make you move up.

Last but not least, it isn't difficult to build good relationships with your co-workers because you can meet the staff in the other department in an easy way and the company also hold some parties after a successful project.

In a nutshell, I can't deny both the small and large company have a diversity of advantages. The decision of a company you will work in depends on your abilities and hobbies very much.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,979 2697  
May 19, 2020   #2
Do me a favor and include the essay prompt you are responding to next time. It will serve as my guideline for reviewing your written work. Just a short summary of the prompt will do inclusive of:

- Topic
- Discussion points
- Direct question


When you write a TOEIC essay, the minimum word count is 300 words. The current essay you have is only 286 words. So you are short in terms of presentation, discussion, defense, and examples. In order to write a proper TOEIC essay, you have to first, meet the minimum word requirement for the essay. You can write more than 300 words, but do not go over 450 words. Just write the right number of words that will allow you fully develop paragraph presentations of more than 5 sentences, six to eight would be sufficient, and also, allow you time to review your essay response prior to submission. With 30 minutes to write the essay, you have more than enough time to allot to your:

- Outlined thoughts
- Draft response
- Revised response
- Final version response

The essay presentation itself has excellent starting points. The problem, is you do not follow through using clear examples and additional explanations based on your examples. The paragraph presentations could use more opinion development. Right now, there is no clear sense of how these discussions apply to you because you keep saying "You" instead of "I". You are commonly asked for your direct opinion for things, so first person pronoun references should be used in strategic places within the essay. In this case, using it in the example section would be most suitable for the presentation.

The conclusion should not suddenly become an A/D conclusion. It should remain solidly within your opinion, which is the benefits of working for a small company. It is only your opinion that matters, about what you are comfortable with. The other side does not need representation in the writing.

To achieve the 300 word count, don't forget to use examples and thresh out the supporting explanations for it. These are the reasons why most of your discussions deliver a sense of not being a complete explanation. It is also the reason why you did not meet the minimum word count.

Grammar issues, do not use ellipses after a comma. Use only 1 punctuation mark per sentence, you cannot use multiple punctuation marks because you confuse the reader with regards to the implied emotion of the sentence ( ,... = Do you mean to pause or to show an unspoken train of thought? Confusion.)

Use everyday English words in this test. While you are still scored on vocabulary usage, you will not normally be using the word "comply" in light English office discussions. The words you use should feel natural and common place to show your practical use ability of the English language.
OP sunny989 1 / 1  
May 21, 2020   #3
Thank you very much ,@ Holt. Your advice is highly valuable.

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