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Write on the topic "Evaluate a public place". Ho Thi Ky night market could be more impressive, how?

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Nov 1, 2021   #1

Evaluate a public place. Suggest how it could be made more appealing.

Ho Thi Ky night market, located at 52 Ho Thi Ki Street in district 10, is one of the most well-known places for its diverse food. It used to be the biggest flower market in HCMC, but recently, it became popular on social media with more than 100 food stores. It is an ideal place for everyone, especially for the young generation and night shift workers. Lots of people sell plenty of food, from Asian to Western cuisine. Aside from many great things in the Ho Thi Ki night market, there are a few disadvantages that this market is facing.

Firstly, one of the features in Ho Thi Ki night market is the quality of food. The food sold in the market is homemade, which is very cheap. That is the main reason that more and more people choose to come here to eat. However, this also leads to food poisoning. Therefore, all the food sellers need to have food certifications to ensure fresh quality ingredients; and they need to have a permanent place to sell food. Moreover, the customer needs to find and read the review before going to the night market.

Secondly, having too many visitors during the open time can cause untidy and polluted problems due to people's irresponsibility. Although all the sellers want to have as many customers as possible to increase the profit, some people have been so careless that they throw trash anywhere. They expect that other customers or the owners will pick it up for them. Due to the lack of customer awareness, the shop owner should have bins and campaigns to show the customers put trash in the correct place. It not only helps the workers when cleansing after work but also keeps this place cleaner, which attracts more people to visit.

Last but not least, attracting too many visitors might cause wrongdoing. As the market opens without ticket fees, there are plenty of people who come here every day. It is good for sellers and food shop owners because they can sell more products, but it is a drawback for visitors. They might lose their phone or wallet without recognition. Some customers are careless, drop these things in a particular place that they can not remember. However, thieves and pickpockets often pay attention in large gatherings. Therefore, sellers need to equip cameras and monitor the number of visitors coming to the night market. Moreover, all the customers need to protect their valuable objects.

In conclusion, except for some troubles mentioned above, the Ho Thi Ki night market is still one of the latest symbols of Ho Chi Minh City. Hundreds of people come here every day, both locals and travelers. By adding more up-to-date equipment, this place would become an outstanding masterpiece.

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