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Written a motivational letter for Msc in Electrical Engineering. Check out it once

golamsarwarjoy 1 / 1  
Feb 7, 2022   #1

msc motivational letter

Dear Sir/Madam,
With this letter, I'd like to convey my desire to study as a Master's student in Electrical Engineering at xxx I accomplished my bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from yyy having very sound academic background on Electrical circuits, Electronic circuits, Digital Electronics, Power system analysis, Signals and Linear systems,Digital signal processing,Communication & Telecommunication engineering, Electrical engineerinig materials, Solid state devices, Energy conversion and Special machine. In addition I've finished a diploma degree in the same field.Now I intend to pursue my higher study in any prestigious institute abroad and xxx is one of such institute that ensures the high standard of education.

I was born in rural area which was undeveloped so for better education my family moved towards the town of Cumilla. At the initial level of diploma my father got passed away due to heart attack. So sudden death of my father my mother got mentally sick and my family went through traumatized and I was depressed for a long time ,So as a matter of fact I couldn't make a good result during my first few semester but eventually I earned first division with all my sorrows and emotions.I'm merely sharing this experience to demonstrate a trait I believe I posses- the ability to succeed in the face of difficulties.

I have successfully completed a industrial training on programmable logic control at "SILITEK BANGLADESH" . My undergraduate studies helped me explore various field of Electrical Engineering and instilled an irresistible inclination towards research . My undergrade thesis titled was " DFT simulation and Electrical properties of Single wall Carbon nanotube and Double wall carbon nanotube".The key goal of building up my thesis was find significant electronic properties of Double wall carbon nanotube.Moreover, I have won 3 VC awards in my undergraduate career. At the same time I was involved with a few clubs in my university ,such as Cultural Club, Rotary Club , Project club which has assisted me in gaining skills in leadership abilities,organizational skills. I have also developed my social skills and cooperations skills through this club. I've organized several programme in my university such as club fair, EEE Fest , Robotics competition etc.

The master's programme of "Electrical Engineering" at xxx chosen because of it's matched with my previous study,make me specialized in this field of study,enlarge my academic & professional career also will help me to proceed for further study on this field. I have chosen xxx because of their programme structure, their curriculum, and their research output.Most importantly being a student in Brussels means learning in the capital of Europe and in one of the most cosmopolitan and diverse cities of the world. Moreover friendly atmosphere at the university as well as the city attracted me a lot. I believe that pursuing a Master's degree from your university will not only provide me with a solid education in the latest technologies, but will also push me forward in the computing world, and that your university, with its renowned faculty, excellent facilities, and tradition of academic excellence, will be the ideal place for me to work toward achieving my goal.

When I return to my own country after completing the course, I intend to apply the knowledge I expect to acquire through learning and experience at xxx. i would join the Bangladesh telecommunication company limited (BTCL) .This would be the perfect way for me to use my skills and expertise acquired from abroad And it will give me an opportunity to serve my country. Thereafter, I will pursue a PhD degree to further explore the field of Electrical Engineering theoretically as well as practically.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,857 4179  
Feb 8, 2022   #2
Paragraphs 2 and 3 are irrelevant to the motivational letter. The writer clearly shows his intention to continue his academic learning in the field of electrical engineering but fails to provide his current and previous professional background as part of his motivational considerations. The writer must make it clear from the very start that his intentions for higher study have a direct relationship with the current quality of his work and future professional progress. The motivation has nothing to do with his personal background. That may be totally skipped in this presentation.

it's matched with my previous study

If it matches your previous study but has no relationship with your current skills as acquired through work experience, then this does not make a for a valid statement. The previous study and work relationship always have to go hand in hand as partnered motivating factors.

More importantly, the applicant has not explained why he chose to study at this particular university when there are others that provide the same masters course. What motivated the choice? What made the university stand out? Why this country? How do these appeal to his professional skills training motivations?
OP golamsarwarjoy 1 / 1  
Feb 8, 2022   #3
@holt thank you so much for went through my letter. if you noticed in paragraph no 5 i mentioned their why i choose this particular university and why brussels and im a fresh graduate Electrical Engineer , i have no work experience till now. so im looking forward to pursue my Ms degree.

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