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Young adults want independence from their parents as soon as possible

vinayad 1 / -  
Sep 17, 2015   #1
Indepence comes with a lot of responsibility .People look towards elders or more experienced people while making important decisions in life.Independnce from parents is an hot issue right now .There are people debating how important independence from parents is to the young minds of people.There many questions which come to our mind on independence .Does lack of indepence really curb creativity?Does independence gives more responsdiblity to young adults? and many more question which are difficult to answer.I think the young adults should be given independence from parents once they become old enough to amke their own decisions in life (say a age of 18 or 20).

Most importantly ,independence from parents does not mean cutting loose from them completely or moving away from them permanently.It means the youth should be allowed to make their own decisions rather than having their parents decide for them.For example,once i turned eighteen years old my parents gave me full freedom to decide for myself .From the undergraduate course i want to do ,to the style of dressing i was given full indpendence which is very rare to see in a orthodox country like India where parents decide for their childrem until they get married.This independence has helped me alot personally.It has help me learn from my mistakes as well as improve myself .I have the confidence of conducting myself anywhere i go and has given me the hope that i can look after myself by taking the right decisions and correcting the wrong ones.

Additionally,independence from parents also helps the young adult to become more independent in life.It puts more responsibility on their shoulders and relieves the parents of some responsibilities over their children.For instance,my friend moved to a new city where she had to live alone .She had never lived away from her parents so long and she did not know much of cooking or washing .However after living away from her parents house for a month she learnt cooking and managed washing clothes on her own .It made her more independent in life as she had no one to be dependent upon for her daily chores.It resulted in her financial independence from her parents also.She took up a part time job at the cafeteria along with her studies and was able to pay her rent and for her groceries with the money she earned.

Therefore,independence of young adults from parents leads them to more responsibilty and confidence in life.It not only gives a chance for the youth to learn from their mistakes but also gives them a chance to correct it.Living independently reduces a young adult's dependence on his parents and will allow him to lead a more self sufficient life.

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