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ielts young people are much more aware of and concerned about poverty, animals etc

amon2006 4 / 7  
Jan 2, 2012   #1
young people are much more aware of and concerned about issues like the environment,poverty, and animal welfare than previous generations. What is your opinion.

Most people believe that young adults are concerned about enviroment ,poverty and animal welfare than older people. I agree with this opinion because it is not so difficult for me to see and observe how differently The young and previous generations care about this issues. However, there are many reasons which explain their awareness.

First of all, young adulst can get information about all this issues more easily.Internet access is one of the crucial factors which gave the chance for young people to communicate with others in the world . It is undeniable fact that young adults know more information about internet than others.By this way, the young easily can get information about poverty in other places, or places which have enviromental problems.

On the other hand, The educational policy of countries plays a significant role . In my opinion, goverments intentionally are trying to provide information about all this because it is almost impossible to prevent countries from enviromental problems without giving basic information to the children or students .That is the main reason why the new generation knows about this. Not only goverments ,but also The pressure of international community make changec in the educational policy. As a student i hear almost everyday at university about how important to protect animal diversity and enviroment. This policy definitely has a great influence on us.

In conclusion, the world has many problems,but awareness and concern about this problems among the next generations will positively help to preserve The World from all thish problems lik poverty animal welfare etc .

soshianet 16 / 47  
Jan 3, 2012   #2
how differently T the young
this issues (you have used it two times)
For example, Internet access is one of ...
It is an undeniable fact that
environmental problems.
The pressure of international community makes changecin the educational policy.
and some more points
OP amon2006 4 / 7  
Jan 3, 2012   #3
thank you for help

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