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Young people causing trouble often. The reason/solution of juvenile delinquency

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May 21, 2018   #1

the high rate of crimes among teenagers

The increasingly high rate of teenage crimes currently is a controversial problem, resulting into massive drawback to our own society. There are main causes and the ways to decline this problem woud be presented in the essay.

To begin with, due to the advance of information technology, the youth is more likely to view commercialized mass media such as violence, pornography or incorrect political viewpoint. Therefore, the teenagers have a tendency to immitate identical actions, which causes uncontrolled behaviours. For instance, with 14-year-old boy exposing Harhey (a kind of obsence books), he would be stimulated to take dangerous actions like murdering or fighting another one. Moreover, increasing single-parent families are also the major factor. Children in these families were taken guildance for granted because their parents have to struggle for providing a stable environment. Thus, the youngsters tend to have feelings of emotionally isolated and discriminated, leading to catch attention by coming to a number of vices. According to Norway's studies in 2015, the amount of teenagers taking drugs in this families doubled than that in traditional ones.

Ultimately, there are several ways to prevent the youth committing crimes. First, schools are so benificial that give orientation of the Internet usage. Also, government should play a crucial role in imposing stricter cencorship on the undersirable materials to avoid low-quality ones. Secondly, parents have to attend teach- children course. With they registering this course, there are numerous ways of child-rearing and helping youth avoid the vices.

Based on all of the information above, both schools and parents need to focus on their children behaviours in life. To prevent guilty actions as practically it happen, listening to children stories and understanding their emotions could enable parents to give them some helpful advices to escape from troubles which could impact harmfully on cognitive procceses

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May 21, 2018   #2
result into = result in

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