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Young students are obliged to study overseas languages in most schools

vannam1 1 / -  
Oct 26, 2021   #1
School should not force children to learn a foreign language.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In recent years, due to the tendency of international integration, students are obliged to study overseas languages in most schools. Therefore, that matter was debated for its indispensability. However, I believe that studying a novel language is a judicious determination but based on the willingness of each person.

To begin with, a second language brings tremendous accomplishment to the apprenticeship. Essentially, the understanding through the period of studying that could break down the communication barrier. Indeed, people who have a basic knowledge of learning English that they can easily make friend with each other who come from various countries in the world. To explain it, the bilingual widen their friend's circle by talking in the most comfortable and "native way". Furthermore, the language exists a close relationship with the culture such as the way how to communicate, understand international art and literature, religion, cuisine, technical references, inferences, plays on words, and fashion that lead to expanding the culture of the mind. For example, the Japanese language has the word "komorebi," which means a phenomenon when sunlight is filtered through the leaves. So, with this word, a learner will get a Japanese approach to nature and beauty. Finally, according to the development of multiple multinationals, it is clear that the language certificates which is requisite necessary for enhancing the chance to apply for a job or get a high-paying job and take over a higher position.

From another point of view, besides the benefits of studying a second language provides to whom to learn it, foreign language study is a millstone around student's neck since it is regarded as mandatory. This is caused by some reasons, some children do not seem to have natural abilities to learn a language that means they need to double times or more than that to catch up with the speed of the lecture. It takes too much time to study another language which is not property to their particularities of work in the future. For instance, these works: Structural engineer, Construction engineer, Electrical engineer that doesn't require an in-depth knowledge of the foreign language but in order to function they learn academic vocabulary simply. Consequently, the student who has crammed up a superfluous language which makes them are under a lot of pressure due to overload schoolwork and other necessary activities. It is no doubt that the rate of problem mental health and physical health among students has increased which leads to lessening effectiveness in the learning process.

In conclusion, even though overseas languages are the ingredients to personal growth, children are still required to be optional instead of forcing them to study by the school because of their health.

Thanks for your comment!
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,001 4238  
Oct 27, 2021   #2
The prompt paraphrase is nowhere near the original discussion topic. The issue is whether students should be pressured or forced to learn a foreign language in school. It is not debating if foreign languages should be studied, which is what your paraphrase implies. There is also the incorrect discussion response being provided. There is no direct answer to the "extent" even as a discussion reason was provided. Answer the question frist then give the reason for it. Presenting your response otherwise will result in a failing task score based on a non-connected or irrelevant response.

A strong focus on vocabulary has made the essay difficult to understand. Rather than having the required everyday conversational tone, the paper has a confusing academic tone to it. The confusion stems from the misuse of advanced English words in the presentation. The focus of the reader goes from the topic to word meaning instead. This distraction is a GRA failure based on undue reader stress.

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