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Zoos are capable of preserving species that are facing extinction.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A zoo has no useful purpose.

zoos make people care for animals

Nowadays, many people think that zoos are pointless and do not provide any real value to the society. This essay will disagree with this statement, as it will explain the positive sides from the existence of zoos. The essay will first focus on how zoos can protect endangered species and then will discuss how can zoos influence people and make them more responsible about the environment.

Zoos are capable of preserving species that are facing extinction. Providing safe environment, as well as enough food and suitable shelter for the animals, these artificially created parks are able to save numerous animal species. Moreover, zoos can sustain the perfect conditions for propagation among animals, and by doing that they can increase the overall population of these endangered species. For example, in China 30 years ago, pandas were threaten from extinction, but then the government take most of the living pandas into zoos and now their population is constantly rising.

Another positive given by zoos is that they foster people to take care of the animal kingdom and therefore makes them more environmentally conscious. If a child sees how beautiful and innocent one animal can be, it will instantly become more responsible about its actions related to the preserving of the environment. By presenting the wonders of the nature and how fascinating its creatures can be, governments could inspire the people to look after the environment. In addition to this, numerous foundations and clubs have been funded due to the influence exerted by zoos.

In conclusion, I think that zoos could be a game-changer in the mission of changing people's attitude towards the environmental problems that we face today. Zoos are not only capable of preserving animals species that face extinction, but as a concomitant they can inspire the future generations to take care of the animal kingdom.

Hi, your grammar is very good. In your intro, I would not write "This essay will do this, this essay will do that" Just write your opinion as a statement - you are the one we want to hear from, not your essay. I would also add transitions like "First" "In addition" and so on to your body paragraphs. Otherwise, I think your structure is effective for an IELTS essay. Here are a few specific suggestions:

... Providing safe environment[s ], as well as

...animals, and by doing [so] they can increase the

... pandas were threaten[ed by] from extinction, but then the government [took] most

... animal kingdom and therefore [make] them more environmentally

... related to the preserving {"preservation" is better} of the environment.

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