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EssayForum Registration Disclaimer

By becoming a member of the EssayForum.com website community you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions.

You agree that the administrative staff have the right to remove, edit, move, or close any thread at any time, should we see fit. Any information you have entered will be stored in our database, and will not be removed unless you complete the thread deletion instructions which may require a fee. You understand that while your information will be kept confidential by EssayForum.com, any and all information may show up on searches conducted via Internet search engines.

- DO NOT copy-paste messages from other websites (even if your own)!

- Include the assignment's prompts/instructions!

- Be professional when composing a thread title.

- You get what you give! When you see an essay that impresses you, offer lots of corrections and suggestions. This is a great way to make friends and get help (and Likes) from lots of different students.

- You WILL GET SUSPENDED if you provide futile or meaningless answers in other students' threads!

- You WILL GET SUSPENDED if you create more than one username or if you sign up to spam!

- Due to high volume of requests, moderators and contributors may only be able to comment once on each essay.

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