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Better earning opportunities for those who have an university certificate comparing to less educated

Writing FeedbackHo Tran Tien Dun -
IELTS TASK 2: The Development of Tourism Contributed to English Becoming the Most Prominent Language

Writing Feedbackdimdim02 -
IELTS WRITING TASK 2: Parents and family background have more influence than teachers on a young...

Writing FeedbackAnn Trandimdim02 - 6 hours ago
IELTS WRITING TASK 2: Some employers prefer formal qualification than life experience

Writing Feedbackiamaminhiamaminh - 7 hours ago
IELTS Writing Task2 : share as much information as possible

Writing Feedbacklipolipo -
IELTS2 : a number of individuals want to have children later in their life - Reasons and Effects

Writing Feedbackjavidols -
What do you think schools can do to ensure the health, well-being and safety of their students

Writing Feedbackama12321 -
The media should limit the number of terrible news since it have a large effect on human's lives

Writing Feedbacktranlamthanhama12321 - 10 hours ago
Much stricter punishments on traffic driving offenses to decrease the road accidents

Writing Feedbackkhoipham305ama12321 - 10 hours ago
Writing task 1: Bird migration observed in Woodchuck Country

Writing Feedbackminhthuminhthu - 11 hours ago
The pie charts below describes how six regions in the world utilized water with unalike purpose

Writing Feedbacklynn1601 -
Children should only start formal education after being graduated from an informal school

Writing FeedbackjulianofsHolt - 15 hours ago
IELTS Writing Task 2 - Is traditional skills and ways of life worthy to be kept alive?

Writing Feedbackas920024as920024 - 16 hours ago
IELTS WRITING TASK 2: Future plans to design prisons for learning and working

Writing Feedbackawbtbsitw -
IELTS WRITING TASK 2 - People in the community can buy cheaper products nowadays

Writing Feedbackgiangvu -
Ielts Writing Task 1: Internet users as percentage of population 1999 - 2009

Writing FeedbackAlexdangphanAlexdangphan - 1 day ago
Motivation letter for Master degree in University of Potsdam with PPGG DAAD Scholarship

ScholarshipSarjHolt - 1 day ago
An attempt on IELTS writing for differences on politeness between generations

Writing Feedbacksmally01Holt - 1 day ago
IELTS Writing Task 2 - The most important achievements for any child?

Writing FeedbackhyperephaniaNganNguyen - 2 days ago
Astronauts and Planets - Common APP Writing section |Prompt 6|

UndergraduatePROFsabiPROFsabi - 2 days ago
Gender equality has become such a hot topic, seen in almost all aspects of life, including education

Writing Feedbacklinhlinh19897Holt - 2 days ago
I am suitably qualified to apply this scholarship. Self introduction for a scholarship

ScholarshipnindanrshHolt - 2 days ago
How do you see yourself as providing leadership in water management? My skills and experience

Scholarshipomar3009Holt - 2 days ago
Should adolescents be obligated to use their spare time for helping their residences without wages?

Writing Feedbackkimthanh194kimthanh194 - Jul 17, 2018
Should school leavers take a year off before going to university?

Writing FeedbackvendettaHolt - Jul 17, 2018
Robots are dangerous invention to the society.

Writing Feedbackjalp -
There is one activity that teenagers recently prefer, and it is purchasing goods

Writing Feedbackdimdim02Holt - Jul 17, 2018
Bipolar disorder assistance. Research Paper for Rio Salado ENG102

Research PapersTommydeck1988Holt - Jul 17, 2018
The main role of museums - they should be enjoyable places to entertain people?

Writing Feedbacklukaku123Holt - Jul 17, 2018
The business and cultural contact grows more and more widely between countries; pros and cons

Writing FeedbackVivian CloudsHolt - Jul 17, 2018