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1984 - Georges Orwell - Book 1 Chapter 3 Essay ideas

Book ReportspaulinelbHolt - 5 hours ago
Do you agree that free trade makes rich countries richer and poor countries poorer?

Writing FeedbackNguyen Minh Tramdawez - 6 hours ago
In the chart the amount of global water use in three different sectors over 10 decades (1900-2000)

Writing FeedbacksyamsiahRahimakbarmappiare - 11 hours ago
Some people think that people who choose a job early and keep doing it are more likely to succeed

Writing FeedbackLime -
Information about global water use and water consumption

Writing FeedbackReza_Hidayat -
Having a gap-year is more and more common in recent years. IELTS Writing Task 2

Writing Feedbackbenz0127Reza_Hidayat - 12 hours ago
Space - Essay FOR Australian Award Scholarship

ScholarshipRisty1994 -
[IELTS] Summarise the information by reporting the main features of cement and concrete production

Writing FeedbackmandyduongReza_Hidayat - 13 hours ago
Causes and effects of using eBooks

Writing FeedbackReza_Hidayat -
Some people think that it is good for a country's culture to import foreign movies and TV programs.

Writing FeedbackPHUONGMINReza_Hidayat - 13 hours ago
Causes of agricultural land productivity including three areas in 1990s. IELTS task 1

Writing FeedbackRahma vetyReza_Hidayat - 13 hours ago
Environment and economic in Australia - Supporting Statement for AAS: Task 1

Scholarshipfarkud -
The causes of eBook trend and its problem related to the libraries

Writing Feedbackagus_mono -
More and more people prefer to read e-books rather than paper books

Writing FeedbacksyamsiahRahim -
WT 1 - Water consumption in different purpose and areas

Writing FeedbackDiahkn93agus_mono - 14 hours ago
The preference of people on E-Books and Paper Books

Writing FeedbackAnhy chansyamsiahRahim - 14 hours ago
Ielts writing task 2: Social networking sites-------A blessing or a curse?

Writing FeedbackbthosyamsiahRahim - 14 hours ago
Water use worldwide and water consumption

Writing FeedbacktamtamiiDiahkn93 - 15 hours ago
WT 2 - Why do offenders commit more crimes after serving the first punishment?

Writing Feedbacktnritika -
Optimal method to acquire knowledge by students

Writing FeedbackAvyuktbgdc2017tnritika - 17 hours ago
How to help recidivist to get a proper life?

Writing FeedbackReza_Hidayattnritika - 17 hours ago
Percentage of spending in three categories of goods in several countries in 2000

Writing Feedbacktnritika -
Global Water use and comparison between Brazil and Congo

Writing Feedbackagus_mono -
What students did after leaving college, without job? Describing The Graph.

Writing Feedbacksyita_arcagus_mono - 21 hours ago
The amount of water used by sectors, also the water utilisation in Brasil and Congo

Writing FeedbackAnhy chan -
Line chart - IELTS task 1

Writing Feedbackteephan226Anhy chan - 21 hours ago
Communication and media - challenging world; study plan for scholarship

ScholarshipbambinaHolt - 23 hours ago
Criminalism and various measures to lower this anomaly

Writing Feedbackrestuanlubisakbarmappiare - 1 day ago
And the Mountains Echoed... Very confused with the thesis and overall structure of a literary essay.

Book ReportsTandokiTandoki - 1 day ago
Most of criminals are notorious offenders - what to do with them?

Writing FeedbacksyamsiahRahimbtho - 1 day ago