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UndergraduateSalenaHolt - 2 hours ago
I envisage myself as a pioneer, an entrepreneur in the field of Mechatronics.

GraduateShekhar12Holt - 2 hours ago
IELTS: student's basic curriculum - with or without art?

Writing Feedbackkrisujingkrisujing - 11 hours ago
IELTS task 2 - essay about reasons why young people have a negative attitude towards learning?

Writing FeedbackDragonyuDragonyu - 13 hours ago
The number of youngsters reading newspapers or watch the news is declining. Reasons and solutions?

Writing Feedbackvinu460vinu460 - 13 hours ago
Some believe that work experience is way more crucial than what is currently being taught at schools

Writing FeedbackPeterBrownHolt - 16 hours ago
Personal Statement for The OSCE Academy Application 2018 Programme: Politics and Security

GraduateEuterpeEuterpe - 23 hours ago
Statement of Intent for Masters in Global Health

Graduatenaj12naj12 - 1 day ago

GraduaterutulmthakkarHolt - 1 day ago
Describe SDG#10: Reduced Inequalities against the context of your home country. (Swedish Institute)

ScholarshipjonesjonesHolt - 1 day ago
Applying for the International Masters in Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies

GraduatePienniuvynassHolt - 1 day ago
Why I want to Obtain my MSW in South Korea for the Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP)

ScholarshipkkhylHolt - 1 day ago
'Master in Economics at your distinguished university' - application essay

GraduateRayxHolt - 1 day ago
The Increase in Bullying leading to Suicide

Research PapersnathonfallsHolt - 1 day ago
business as a lucrative idea Umich essay- Unique qualities

UndergraduatedaredevilHolt - 1 day ago
My Alcoholic Father - College admissions Essay

Undergraduatemthao007Holt - 1 day ago
Information form (AIF) - University of Waterloo - Reasons/interest/goals

UndergraduateMoominHolt - 1 day ago
Success in life comes from hard work and determination.

Writing FeedbackLiz1102Holt - 1 day ago
Some children are born with certain talents, however others claim that skills can be taught

Writing Feedbackwinata7PeterBrown - 2 days ago
People have contrasting views about volunteering activity for pupils

Writing Feedbackwinata7PeterBrown - 2 days ago
IELTS writing task2: Universities should not teach arts subjects, agree or disagree?

Writing Feedbackshan2KGayatri - 2 days ago
Where is Waldo question for UChicago's application process

Undergraduatesmaasmaa - 2 days ago
Reason for pursuing career in Occupational Therapy and why this school. Short Personal Statement

GraduateSummingsSummings - 2 days ago
Essay: Describe what you usually do in your leisure time.

Writing Feedbackxiaolin06041993shan2 - 2 days ago
Qualities that are important to be a good supervisor. Use examples and details to answer why?

Writing FeedbackKGayatriHolt - 2 days ago
My ability to quietly influence others. UBC Personal Profile Question

Undergraduatesagedragonagustina - 2 days ago
UBC Personal profile "Tell us about who you are" & "What is important you? and why?

UndergraduatePremalagustina - 2 days ago
Creating IELTS task 2 : young generation of reality life

Writing Feedbackagustina -
IELTS Writing Task 2 - Problems caused by media's projected image of beauty

Writing Feedbackeilagandhaliwinata7 - Jan 17, 2018
Should children be immunised against diseases? Could both parents decide about it?

Writing FeedbackvalkovalHolt - Jan 17, 2018