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I am running for secretary in my FFA class end this is my essay

UndergraduateBatdini -
Explain your short-term (immediately post MSF) and long-term career goals. Vanderbilt Finance degree

Graduatetianhanhadmission2012 - 4 hours ago
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this leadership essay for the Chevening Scholarship Application

Scholarshiprodrigodferodrigodfe - 5 hours ago
There are many reasons that Computer Science become my chosen field. Personal Statement.

GraduateSabuhiYusifhelloKoreanPanda - 7 hours ago
Plans to apply for KGSP-G via University Track- Study Plan- My First Draft

GraduatehelloKoreanPanda -

Writing FeedbackWontaeyoung -
KGSP study plan about language - my problem is in speaking

Scholarshipcustard1custard1 - 12 hours ago
IELTS Academic writing - Advertising expenditure breakdown

Writing FeedbackJavid27Javid27 - 14 hours ago
IELTS Writing Task 2 (Both Views of Blood Sport on Animals)

Writing FeedbackditoajiHolt - 14 hours ago
Kiwis Cant Fly. I read that in a bird book once. Common App Essay

UndergraduateKiera9473admission2012 - 14 hours ago
ROLE MODEL: prompt of my own design

Undergraduatepds2027Holt - 15 hours ago
KGSP: motivations why you apply for this program, experiences, achievements, influencers, activities

Scholarshipfarah04Holt - 15 hours ago
First college essay. Requirements in WHO AM I ESSAY

UndergraduateWoodstock17Holt - 17 hours ago
I learn Korea and Korean language intensively, from now on - essay for KGSP

ScholarshipMfdhMfdh - 21 hours ago
A Time Bomb in Wildlife Existence - IELTS Writing Academic Task 2

Writing Feedbackayibramayibram - 1 day ago
Harm fume gases from private cars' bring some serious problems [IELTS WR Task 2]

Writing FeedbackWakalanudayibram - 1 day ago

Writing Feedbackcalliepj24Kiera9473 - 1 day ago
SAT essay, topic: Taking the responsibility

Writing FeedbackTatyanaMilevacalliepj24 - 1 day ago
Making something with the usage of a duct tape; interests, talent, identity essay

Undergraduaterainbowrocker12rainbowrocker12 - 1 day ago
Reasons and solutions for wasting food

Writing Feedbacktunglinh0907ditoaji - 1 day ago
'In my life, i have experienced many events that didn't': Three essays in one thread-MIT application

UndergraduateGammaGamma - 1 day ago
Materials printed on paper or given in an electronic form? I am working for Toefl Exam.

Writing FeedbackFahriHolt - 1 day ago
Our Trip Our Adventure in Jambi - Narrative Essay

Writing FeedbackNurayaHolt - 1 day ago
Leaders choose to lead - Chevening Scholarships

UndergraduatefahimaibrahimiNuraya - 1 day ago
Chevening scholarship opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies in UK

ScholarshipJakwathJakwath - 1 day ago
IELTS Academic Writing Task 2: Essay Writing (Effect of the Internet in society)

Writing FeedbackIELTS_AcademicHolt - 2 days ago
Are You Really Can Change Yourself? - KGSP Self Introduction

ScholarshipSeilaKeySeilaKey - 2 days ago
I hope that I pass all the parameters for admission into this Graduate Program. Data Science SOP

GraduateakshatismHolt - 2 days ago
IELTS Writing Task 2 - Debatable Issue of Genetic Engineering

Writing FeedbackditoajiWakalanud - 2 days ago
[IELTS writing task 2] Performance enhancing drugs : causes and effects?

Writing FeedbackhgianghgiangWakalanud - 2 days ago