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IELTS WRITING TASK 1: A plan for changes to a school site over 20 years.

Writing FeedbackRed Moon -
"Networking" An intellectual adventure for creativity- Chevening Scholarship

ScholarshipEmcee_huckzEmcee_huckz - 6 hours ago
MY random writing to improve writing mainly Grammar and sentence structure

Writing Feedbacksgc908 -
High school graduates are encouraged to start working or traveling rather than entering University

Writing Feedbackfuad hadiLinh Dieu - 10 hours ago
Task 2: Traditional culture with money-making purpose. Discuss both views and give opinion

Writing FeedbackLinh Dieu -
If there has been and obstacle in your life, explain the circumstances. UCF APPLICATION ESSAY

UndergraduateisabelanteloHolt - 15 hours ago
Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information in the graph below

Writing Feedbackphamkhatufuad hadi - 15 hours ago
The graphs compared Japan and Malaysia in terms of five categories of average family expenses - 2010

Writing FeedbackVan Phuc BuiHolt - 16 hours ago
IELTS Writing task 2- Should newcomers follow new country's traditions?

Writing Feedbackcarolinenguyen18Linh Dieu - 17 hours ago
Once children start school, teachers have more influence on their intellectual and social developmen

Writing Feedbackbach53hLinh Dieu - 17 hours ago
Some people prefer to keep on their job while others change it often without much hesitation

Writing FeedbackLinh DieuHolt - 20 hours ago
I have always been passionate about Computers and Communications - personal statment review

Graduatemena SafwatHolt - 21 hours ago
A leader in the making. Leadership has clearly been the course of my life.

ScholarshipPaddyPaddy - 1 day ago
Vacation or vacations to school children? Discussion essay.

Writing FeedbackJimmy879873Jimmy879873 - 1 day ago
UK graduates and postgraduates participating in four different kinds of jobs after finishing college

Writing FeedbackMinh2903emilakam - 1 day ago
Plenty of authorities in the world consider economic progress is their first priority. IELTS2

Writing FeedbackRed MoonLinh Dieu - 1 day ago
IELTS Task 2 - Art education in high school?

Writing FeedbacktamcspHolt - 1 day ago

Writing FeedbackLinh DieuHolt - 1 day ago
IELTS WRITING TASK 1: number of girls enrolled per 100 boys in different level of school education

Writing FeedbackemilakamHolt - 1 day ago
How does this look as a gap year essay? Taking a gap year and going to plan a startup or something..

UndergraduatesujhangHolt - 1 day ago
IELTS writing task 1. Different genres of transport used to commute in a European city.

Writing Feedbacksillyman2000Red Moon - 2 days ago
Ielts task 1: The population and its birth rate and death rates in an area in the UK.

Writing FeedbackMinh2903tamcsp - 2 days ago
KGSP-U - Study plan to Improve English and Korean speaking abilities required for University

Writing FeedbackMochachiiMochachii - 2 days ago
IELTS Writing Task 1: 'waste table' essay The table below shows the amount of waste production (in m

Writing FeedbackRogerscup -
IELTS writing task 1. Survey about suitable age for granting certain rights.

Writing Feedbacksillyman2000Minh2903 - 2 days ago
IELTS writing task 1 Description of a town centre and making comparsion after a development plan

Writing FeedbackJohnNgMinh2903 - 2 days ago
Essay: Nature's Power and Human Desire in the Process of Decay

PoetryTriceLiuTriceLiu - 2 days ago
The line graph represents the measure of elder people aged 65 and over in USA, Sweden and Japan

Writing FeedbackemilakamMinh2903 - 2 days ago
The rate of males and females in 6 age groups in Australia, who were engaged in physical exercises

Writing FeedbackMinh2903Minh2903 - 2 days ago
It is better for elder to live with their offsprings rather than in an club for old people

Writing Feedbacklozzolsillyman2000 - Aug 15, 2018