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The Ashdown Museum After and Before

Writing Feedbackmiss19 -
[TOEFL] Globalisation worldwide effect - similarities in different countries

Writing FeedbackperitaHolt - 2 hours ago
IELTS Writing Task 2 - Environment and Economy in the success

Writing FeedbackDuc DaoHolt - 2 hours ago
Travel with a Companion or Travel Alone?

Writing Feedbackamra125Holt - 4 hours ago
IELTS Writing task 2: Generation gap

Writing FeedbackChienDangamra125 - 4 hours ago
Ielts Task 2 Topic: computer skills after writing, reading and maths

Writing FeedbackNhu TranHolt - 5 hours ago
The Program for the Exceptionally Gifted at Mary Baldwin University. Medical School Personal essay.

Graduatehalsy9Holt - 8 hours ago
Essay about Travel to foreign countries when you are young or when you are older

Writing FeedbackFloraNougatHolt - 8 hours ago
Communication is the key. The networking part in Chevening Scholarship.

ScholarshipHesham89Holt - 8 hours ago
Commitment to working in a diverse population as a Nurse

Graduater1357Holt - 8 hours ago
UNC Chapel Hill Prompt 1 - What is one thing that we don't know about you that you want for us to kn

UndergraduatesumthegoatHolt - 10 hours ago
Writing task 1 (IELTS). Process of coffee manufacturing

Writing Feedbackngangiangminhphuccttv - 11 hours ago
The best method to decrease the number of traffic jams.

Writing Feedbackminhphuccttvminhphuccttv - 12 hours ago
[IELTS writing task 2] Online shopping: discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Writing Feedbackhgianghgianghgianghgiang - 13 hours ago
Common App Prompt 5 - Personal Growth through Spanish Dance

Undergraduaterose2814rose2814 - 15 hours ago
"Loading... Loading... Loading..." Common App Personal Essay Prompt 4

UndergraduateWind0Wind0 - 17 hours ago
[Toefl] Buying a new technological device right away is better than waiting until many people...

Writing FeedbackKatthew Kimsumthegoat - 22 hours ago
Chevening Scholarship essays on Leadership and influence; early experiences

Writing FeedbackDanstandsumthegoat - 23 hours ago
I wrote this email, but I would like to know if it is good

Lettersana35 -
IELTS Writing Task 2 : Studying History - what's the aim of it?

Writing FeedbackvalerydangHolt - 23 hours ago
IELTS writing task 1: Australian school leavers' activities

Writing FeedbacksarahnaHolt - 1 day ago
Essay about how to use my networking skills to lead and influence others- Chevening Scholarship

ScholarshipDanstandDanstand - 1 day ago
Complete the second sentence so it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using given word

Grammar, Usageedithargentinaedithargentina - 1 day ago
[IELTS task 1]The charts below show the proportions of British students at one university in England

Writing FeedbackJohn050645minh2310 - 1 day ago
"Capture" - The Common App Essay (Topic of Choice)

Undergraduateminhthuyjessiehihaho79 - 1 day ago
GRE argument essay. Prunty County and highway safety.

Writing Feedbackiaryansinghiaryansingh - 1 day ago

Writing FeedbackMandyTranhgianghgiang - 1 day ago
(IELTS TASK 2) The public should be encouraged to use public transportation more. Give your opinio

Writing Feedbackeminhaqihgianghgiang - 1 day ago
The share of Oscar winners by genre film for 2003 and 2008

Writing FeedbacktrungkienpeterHolt - 1 day ago
CAE Essay Part 1: Methods schools and universities use to help students find suitable jobs

Writing FeedbackHanh Ngocminhphuccttv - 1 day ago