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My Model UN experience - solving global issues

Undergraduatereneemvm - 1 day ago -
the tutor - Ubc personal profile essay

Undergraduatejoshuajacobj7 - 3 hrs ago -
IELTS1 Comparison of population and projection in Yemen and Italy; the differentiation of percentage

Writing Feedbackroswita116 - 12 hrs ago -

Writing FeedbackMaya Tng - Nov 8, 2019roswita116 - 13 hrs ago
Medical Exchange Program - searching for fix a letter of recommendation

LettersTutti green - 16 hrs ago -
Write an email to your English friend. In your email, tell your friend about your favourite film

Lettersemme4665 - Nov 17, 2019emme4665 - 17 hrs ago
WRITING IELTS TASK 2: the importance of music - it connects the people

Writing Feedbackjungsooyeon - 1 day agothaithu - 17 hrs ago
IELTS Writing task 2: Employees should dress smartly or focus on productivity instead of appearance?

Writing Feedbackthaithu - 2 days agothaithu - 17 hrs ago
Sports - playing in teams vs individually

Writing FeedbackVaniseBlackwood - 18 hrs ago -
Computer. Is this electric device the most crucial breakthrough of 21th century human civilization?

Writing Feedbackanh123 - 1 day agoanh123 - 23 hrs ago
Dog Breeds and their Aggression; A Nationwide problem with animal welfare and public health

Research Papersrya2160098 - 1 day ago -
Coming up with titles for essays/responses

Essaysorlando48 - Nov 15, 2019reneemvm - 1 day ago
UBC Personal Profile: Who are you? One who has stepped out of their shell to become a leader

Undergraduateppham2020 - Nov 15, 2019reneemvm - 1 day ago
The graph - consumption of fish and meat in an European country - how much grams per week?

Writing FeedbackAn Huynh - 1 day agoMaria - 1 day ago
Writing IELTS Part 1: Staff training provided by four companies.

Writing FeedbackCuong Trinh - 1 day agoMaria - 1 day ago
Should the state funds go for art rather than on other public sectors? IELTS 2

Writing Feedbackalicexyz - 2 days agoMaria - 1 day ago
Taking a secure job right away rather than waiting for a job that could be more satisfying.

Writing FeedbackGaleEastwood - 2 days agojungsooyeon - 1 day ago
IELTS WRITING TASK 2: The main problems of our time is the loss of some plants and animals?

Writing Feedbackjungsooyeon - Nov 17, 2019jungsooyeon - 1 day ago
The governments should impose a high tax on fast foods or not. Disagree or degree

Writing Feedbackcamchi - Nov 5, 2019camchi - 1 day ago
Essay about the poverty in developing countries

Writing Feedbackgranda59363 - 2 days agojungsooyeon - 2 days ago

Writing Feedbackdxtnnam - Nov 18, 2019dxtnnam - 2 days ago
Is the government solely responsible for the environment or everyone should care?

Writing Feedbackcarryceasy - Nov 19, 2019carryceasy - 2 days ago
How my athletics reflects my determination

Undergraduatereneemvm - Nov 18, 2019reneemvm - 2 days ago
Letter to apply a training leave in order to complete the pursued diploma

Writing Feedbackplforielts - Nov 17, 2019plforielts - 2 days ago
Write formal letter of invitation (special event at an university)

Lettersngocbich - 2 days agoMaria - 2 days ago
Thesis: Sobriety and resources for Pima Woman in Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community.

Research PapersStepp29 - Nov 18, 2019Maria - 2 days ago

Writing Feedbackdxtnnam - Nov 18, 2019Maria - 2 days ago
Essay about the prevalence of self-driving cars in the future

Writing Feedbackhoanglinh65990 - Nov 17, 2019Maria - 2 days ago
SOP for Thesis-based Masters in Computer Science with Interest in ML/NLP

Graduatenickil21 - Nov 17, 2019Maria - 2 days ago
Group traveling is the best way to travel

Writing FeedbackKrystal318 - Nov 14, 2019Krystal318 - 2 days ago