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KGSP University Track - Tourism Business

Scholarshiprafikatr -
Competitive educational system - MY PERSONAL STATEMENT #2 FOR KGSP

ScholarshiproykimTranduyen - 22 mins ago
I possess qualities of a good leader and I can prove it. CHEVENING ESSAY LEADERSHIP QUESTION

Scholarshipsadiqadama -
There is a myriad of people who believe that physically harmful sports ought to be forbid - IELTS 2

Writing FeedbackDang KhoaHolt - 48 mins ago
Describe your favorite form of transportation - bus has many benefits

Writing FeedbackTranduyen -
UofT One Idea Supplementary Essay (similar to the common app essay) - learning from failure

Undergraduatebhcc21 -
IELTS academic writing task 2 Some people say that children should go to school as young as possible

Writing Feedbackhamie0218Holt - 4 hours ago
IELTS Task 1: The tables below give information about sales of Fairtrade labelled coffee and bananas

Writing Feedbackfaluda -
Prior to my arrival in Korea, I would take an intensive Korean course; My plan is to receive TOPIK5

Scholarshipjimjimniejimjimnie - 6 hours ago
Have you ever had this question in your mind: "Are you a saver or a spender?"

Writing Feedbacktrancucphuong311Holt - 12 hours ago
IELTS Essay Task 2 Public spending on arts is a waste of money, agree or not?

Writing FeedbackCatherine88Holt - 12 hours ago
IELTS Task 1: Pie charts about Oscar winners by genre in 2003 and 2008

Writing Feedbackcao1kmHolt - 1 day ago
UBC Personal Profile Answer - 'kindness is a virtue??'?

UndergraduatetastpomHolt - 1 day ago
Biological Sciences major for KGSP. Should I pay much attention to the fact I'm an ethnic Korean?

ScholarshipYuchimeYuchime - 1 day ago
The table shows the obesity rate in one country over a period of time - TASK 1

Writing Feedbacktrung3110Holt - 1 day ago
What shaped you into the person you are today? 2019 college application essay

UndergraduateMiguelolvera1Miguelolvera1 - 1 day ago
My tours - review my Personal Profile (about myself) for UBC

UndergraduateHetav PandyaHolt - 1 day ago
Personal Statement for the Masters in Business Analytics at Michigan State University

GraduateBangBomBangBom - 1 day ago
It is an argue whether businesses have to be responsible for their effect on society or not

Writing FeedbackSEN2403Holt - 2 days ago
An impromptu speech without any earlier preparation - my response for a problem

UndergraduateHetav PandyaHolt - 2 days ago
Request to review personal profile for admission in UBC

UndergraduateHetav PandyaHetav Pandya - 2 days ago
West Union Building: A metaphor for my life (WHY DUKE ?)

UndergraduatekartiktHolt - 2 days ago
My concept and experience of leadership and how I can benefit from Chevening scholarship

Scholarshipahsan_daniyalHolt - 2 days ago
Solving environmental problems: international organization or local government ?

Writing FeedbackTrangDiem11Hetav Pandya - 2 days ago
QuestBridge Miscelleneous Short Questions for college application

UndergraduateJainam_ShahHolt - 2 days ago
(IELTS) Purchasing unnecessary - pricey goods by people

Writing Feedbacksznnis25 -
CHEVENING ESSAY - Quality Leaders

Scholarshipahmdardahmdard - 2 days ago
[IELTS] Children are better off to spend the time on other activities than reading story books.

Writing FeedbackJimmy879873Hetav Pandya - Sep 23, 2018

UndergraduatekartiktHolt - Sep 23, 2018
Networking for individuals with strong professional relationship building skills - Chevening

ScholarshipjeffreyjHolt - Sep 23, 2018