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Personal Statement for KGSP 2018 - I want to be an Urban Planner!

Scholarshipstwinursitastwinursita - 2 hours ago
South Korea - the only country I could fit - Personal Statement for KGSP

Writing Feedbackrashad07 -
Training and experience in Korea - study plan and future plan - I would like apply for KGSP

ScholarshipTB17TB17 - 4 hours ago
KGSP Personal Statement - Learning about Other Cultures

ScholarshipjadesingerHolt - 10 hours ago
IELTS Writing Task 2: Opinions of the Constructing New or Existing Transportation

Writing Feedbackying_chenHolt - 12 hours ago
Essay about developing e-learning for maths word problems (Applying for KGSP)

Scholarshipacah79 -
My fascination towards data analytics. SOP for Masters in Business Analytics in UIOWA

Graduatevasanthgvk3vasanthgvk3 - 14 hours ago
Ielts Writting Part 2: In many city, the population is increasing...

Writing Feedbackminhtrang2710minhtrang2710 - 1 day ago
IELTS Writing Task 2: Agree/Disagree Community Service as a part of study

Writing FeedbackUlfaidrus_flip -
Personal Statement shows how your own interests are linked to the Digital Marketing programme

ScholarshipMariamMUlfaidrus_flip - 1 day ago
Essay about the contrast between current generation and my parents generation - IELTS

Writing Feedbackahmed_kishkUlfaidrus_flip - 1 day ago
Tell me about yourself (family, hobbies, dreams, strongest and weakest points)

UndergraduateGia Huy CaoUlfaidrus_flip - 1 day ago
KGSP Personal Statement - I want to fix my country unseen problem

ScholarshipJsovaneHolt - 1 day ago
"Stipendium Hungaricum" Program - Motivation letter for Hungarian Scholarship

ScholarshipIvanovic12Ivanovic12 - 1 day ago
IELTS Writing Task 2: Two Opinions of the Internet

Writing FeedbackUlfaidrus_flipying_chen - 1 day ago
Queen's Commerce: Most important lesson you learned from a mistake you have made? (300 words)

UndergraduatemorninghanaHolt - 2 days ago
IELTS Writing Task 2: Agree or Disagree of Local Police Officer Recruitment

Writing FeedbackUlfaidrus_flipHolt - 2 days ago
Academic study related awards, publications - not specific to any particular qualifications you hold

Scholarshipharry dawson -
Why should they choose me for KGSP 2018 ?

GraduatekopureHolt - 2 days ago
Choose to take courses in a variety of subject areas or to focus on a single subject area?

Writing FeedbackStephenYoungHolt - 2 days ago
IELTS Writing Task 2: Causes and Solutions of International Tourism

Writing FeedbackUlfaidrus_flipHolt - 2 days ago
I can learn a lot of good things from this great nation. KGSP scholarship 2018

Scholarshipyourbaeyourbae - Feb 14, 2018
My examination essay - what is your biggest mistake

Graduatemuisasmuisas - Feb 14, 2018
IELTS TASK 2, Are celerities setting bad role models for the young because of their glamour?

Writing FeedbackRumi2020Nuval_flip - Feb 14, 2018
Participating in sports and exercises in Australia. Reporting bar charts - IELTS

Writing Feedbackindrastiindrasti - Feb 14, 2018
How to Deal with Depression; Three bad influences

Writing FeedbackQiuChenQiuChen - Feb 14, 2018
New, modern buildings - is it a good investment?

Writing FeedbackIrisyLunaHolt - Feb 14, 2018
KGSP study plan; There is a problem in my country I would like to help fix

GraduateTracy212Holt - Feb 14, 2018
Personal statement Application for Physiotherapy - an achievement or lesson lerned

Undergraduatevik0905Holt - Feb 14, 2018
Cover Letter : IT University of Copenhagen

Letterszer0leetHolt - Feb 14, 2018