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Master of Digital Media at Victoria University - AAS - Why did you choose your proposed course

Scholarshipdandheedge - 23 mins ago -
Letter of motivation for a Master's Programme in Digital Media and Society

GraduateAnya_q - 3 hrs agoAnya_q - 2 hrs ago
IELTS WRITTING TASK 2 "Art classes should not be a compulsory subject"

Writing Feedbackquynh huong - 4 hrs agoHolt - 3 hrs ago

Writing Feedbackthanhma07 - 6 hrs agoHolt - 3 hrs ago
My entry to Ivy Panda Essay Writing Scholarship -is studying abroad really worth it

ScholarshipLittledrunkgirl - 14 hrs agoHolt - 3 hrs ago
Some people believe that longer imprisonment is the most effective method to lessen crime rate

Writing Feedbackbluewind - 18 hrs agoHolt - 3 hrs ago
The dilemma of whether better opt to reside in apartments or tip in favor of living in houses

Writing Feedbackkwason - 19 hrs agoHolt - 4 hrs ago
KGSP scholarship study plan

UndergraduateChristinePYM - 7 hrs agoHolt - 4 hrs ago
Nursing School Admissions Essay (assault, abuse, poverty, mental illness)

Essaysvioletmoon - 20 hrs agoHolt - 4 hrs ago
Is online schooling as effective as in-class education ?

Writing FeedbackIcedMiloCanWrite - 1 day agoHolt - 5 hrs ago
Spend money and save money. Discussion of both sides.

Writing FeedbackGATE - 1 day agoSmile12_12 - 5 hrs ago
Readmission Essay- Overcoming Academic Suspension

UndergraduateDreamstofollow - 1 day agoDreamstofollow - 21 hrs ago
Are governments and corporations the only organizations that can enhance the environment?

Writing Feedbackthibe982001 - 1 day agothibe982001 - 22 hrs ago
The gap between the developed and the developing nations is increasing rapidly

Writing FeedbackGATE - 1 day agoRomanKoch - 1 day ago
What's better for students; to attending online classes or studying at traditional schools?

Writing FeedbackHardy_tom - May 25, 2020IcedMiloCanWrite - 1 day ago
TOEFL The issue of the fuel's cost since the fuel itself has been fiercely polluting our environment

Writing Feedbackdan31652 - 1 day agoHolt - 1 day ago
Benefits of Certified Nursing Assistant

Writing Feedbackahenry23 - 1 day agoHolt - 1 day ago
Recommendation Letter for MFE Program

LettersRiley L - 1 day agoHolt - 1 day ago
(Ielts task1) how energy is used in an average Australian household and the greenhouse gas emissions

Writing FeedbackMrlong - 1 day agoHolt - 1 day ago
TOFEL: choose a quality that you think is most important when doing a team project

Writing Feedbacklawyers - May 26, 2020lawyers - 1 day ago
Ielts2 - The equal amount of money to both medical research and the protection of environment

Writing Feedbackthuhabk - 2 days agothuhabk - 1 day ago
Do you like watching films at home or in the cinema? Why

Writing Feedbacklamkhanh - May 18, 2020Riley L - 1 day ago
Write-up for CPA Society's Magazine - Impact of Culture on the Accounting Profession

Writing Feedbackckpckp1994 - 2 days agockpckp1994 - 1 day ago
Task 1 - Line Graph indicates the average yearly money spent on mobile phones and stationary phone

Writing FeedbackSam Sam Nguyen - May 18, 2020kamal_kour - 2 days ago
IELTS Writing Task 1 - money paid for books. (France, Italy, Germany, Austria,)

Writing Feedbackvuduytuandat - May 25, 2020kamal_kour - 2 days ago
More and more children are accessing the internet unsupervised at a younger age.

Writing Feedbackkamal_kour - 2 days agoHolt - 2 days ago
IELTS Task 2 It is therefore necessary for governments to impose a higher tax on this kind of food.

Writing Feedbackjustinshek - May 26, 2020thuhabk - 2 days ago
ielts writing task2: wheter to accept bad situation or not?

Writing Feedbackhihithk - 2 days agoHolt - 2 days ago
It is neither time nor opportunity that is to determine intimacy.

Writing FeedbackHafsa257 - 2 days agoHolt - 2 days ago
GRE task 1; technology link with the deterioration in the ability for humans to think for themselves

Writing Feedbackhelen123 - 2 days agoHolt - 2 days ago