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UGRAD- I can resolve Georgia's internal and external problems

UndergraduateSeenBetterDes - 8 hrs ago -
Learning another way to think about things. Language study plan essay

Scholarshipdorra - 1 day agodorra - 11 hrs ago
Motivation Letter for Master in Research and Innovation in Higher Education (MaRIHE)

Lettersesoong - 1 day agoesoong - 11 hrs ago
PERSONAL STATEMENT - master program / knowledge and respect of Korean culture

Scholarshipamal123 - 12 hrs ago -
Do you like living with wealthy people or those who come from different social class?

Writing Feedbacklogin - 17 hrs agoHolt - 14 hrs ago
I am a young leader, who is hunting for knowledge - UGRAD exchange program application

ScholarshipIslambek - 19 hrs agoHolt - 14 hrs ago
COVID-19 x-ray medical images. How did you choose your proposed course and institution?

Scholarshipoedale - 19 hrs agoHolt - 14 hrs ago
"Write Down Your Key Achievements"- GIST undergraduate admission. If possible, kindly help me out.

UndergraduateShakerin Aakash - 1 day agoHolt - 15 hrs ago
Aerospace engineer - concept, theory, or topic you have explored

ScholarshipLavanyaD17 - 1 day agoHolt - 15 hrs ago
It is argued that people should take meat out of food list and become vegetarians. Do you agree?

Writing FeedbackThuTinh - 1 day agoHolt - 15 hrs ago
The idea of hosting an international sports events has brought several controversies. Pros and cons.

Writing Feedbackphung199200 - 1 day agoHolt - 15 hrs ago
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using intelligent robots

Writing Feedbacklinh123 - 1 day agoHolt - 15 hrs ago
Igcse English as a second language (0511) article writing

Writing FeedbackBilal786 - 1 day agoHolt - 15 hrs ago
"Many people think there is an increase of antisocial behavior and a lack of respect to others."

Writing Feedbackanhtran98 - 1 day agoHolt - 16 hrs ago
Spending money just when earn it or saving them for some future plans?

Writing Feedbackyasinb1377 - 1 day agoHolt - 16 hrs ago
Doctoral Degree for AAS 2021

Scholarshipkartini79 - 2 days agokartini79 - 19 hrs ago
GKS-G Personal Statement - Creative Economy Diplomacy

Scholarshipayo_yuk - 2 days agoayo_yuk - 1 day ago
Learning languages - my study plan. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE FOR KOREAN SCHOLARSHIP

Scholarshiplynleo - 2 days agokarinrizky - 1 day ago
The number of students who are interested in education

Writing FeedbackSimple - 1 day ago -
Task 2 pros and cons: ocean creatures relocated in amusement parks

Writing FeedbackGlenda2912 - 2 days agoHolt - 1 day ago
It is unreasonable to say that a wild animal has no place in the 21st century. IELTS 2

Writing Feedbackkakangocthien109 - 2 days agoHolt - 1 day ago
IELTS2 Some people believe that the best way to stay fit and healthy is simply to lead a normal life

Writing Feedbackyuanyuan00 - 2 days agoHolt - 1 day ago

Writing Feedbackmiigky990903 - 2 days agoHolt - 1 day ago
In some countries, men and women are having children late in life. Indicate the causes and effects.

Writing Feedbacknguyenvietanh26 - 2 days agoHolt - 1 day ago
IELTS writing task 2 Advertisements are extremely successful at persuading people to buy things

Writing Feedbacklucywjj - Mar 5, 2021lucywjj - 2 days ago
IELTS General Writing Task 1: Seaside Hotel Booking

Writing Feedbackroy_leung - Mar 5, 2021roy_leung - 2 days ago
How to write an analysis of the poem?

PoetryBrightColii - May 9, 2012Holt - 2 days ago
Supply Chain - Personal Statement Graduate GKS, Industrial Engineering

Graduatekarinrizky - Mar 5, 2021karinrizky - 2 days ago
(Task 2)Topic: Technology is being used to monitor people. Will the pros of this outweigh the cons?

Writing Feedbackidkwhattosay - Mar 5, 2021Holt - 2 days ago
Confidence and expertise - Why would you be a great participant in the Global UGRAD Program?

Scholarshipi_m - Mar 5, 2021Holt - 2 days ago