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[IELTS WRITING TASK 2] Rewarding outstanding employees by giving them extra money

Writing FeedbackUN27042000 - Dec 5, 2019Erinma - 3 hrs ago
Personal Statement - Erasmus Mundus Tourism Development & Culture

GraduateLoyceVeenings - Dec 7, 2019LoyceVeenings - 11 hrs ago
In the chart the percentage of people using multiple social networking sites; Ielts 2

Writing Feedbackbaohii2001 - 1 day agobaohii2001 - 12 hrs ago
SOP for my application in German university in master in mechatronics and robotics program.

Writing FeedbackRushilkumar - 14 hrs ago -
Single career or several careers or ways of earning money and further studying

Writing Feedbackhungxd08 - 15 hrs ago -
International travel is becoming cheaper, countries are open their doors to more and more tourists

Writing FeedbackLinh Nguyen Mai - 1 day agohungxd08 - 15 hrs ago
Applying For Master Degree majoring in Strategic Marketing Management

ScholarshipVT2207 - 16 hrs ago -
Describe a fear you had to overcome. How did you overcome it? (TOEFL Independent Writing)

Writing FeedbackSunrise011 - 1 day ago -
Describe charts showing students' opinions about services in their university library-Task1 Ielts

Writing Feedbacktamtran - 1 day agoSunrise011 - 1 day ago
What are the characteristics of a good coach? (TOEFL Independent Writing)

Writing FeedbackSunrise011 - 1 day ago -
What factors influence decisions which news content print in newspapers and which broadcast on TV?

Writing Feedbackhungxd08 - 1 day agotamtran - 1 day ago
Teachers and schools for child development - Ielts writing task 2 evaluation and opinion

Writing Feedbackb791129 - 1 day agoSunrise011 - 1 day ago
Motivational letter for stipendum hungaricum scholarship, Bsc Biochemical Engineering

ScholarshipAhmadjb225 - 1 day ago -
Essay about having little leisure time and studying under a lot of pressure of youngster

Writing FeedbackHarry Nguyen - 2 days agoHarry Nguyen - 1 day ago
In recent years, some kind of animals are running the risk of extinction - their name is on red list

Writing FeedbackLeetequila - 1 day agoTriceLiu - 1 day ago
Should rich nations share their strength with others?

Writing Feedbackhungxd08 - 2 days agohungxd08 - 1 day ago
Is ability to relate to others enough to end up being successful ?

Writing Feedbackshahabs1992 - 2 days agoshahabs1992 - 1 day ago
Freedom of Speech and the Internet

Writing Feedbackbettybetty17940 - Dec 7, 2019Maria - 1 day ago
Create a promotional brochure about a man-made wonder of Viet Nam

Writing Feedbackbaotran114 - 2 days agoMaria - 1 day ago
Support statement no .3. Creating networks

ScholarshipXPROFF - 2 days agoMaria - 1 day ago
The number of bee colonies and how much honey they produce

Writing Feedbackmajid61 - Dec 7, 2019Maria - 1 day ago

ScholarshipUlamas14 - Dec 7, 2019Maria - 1 day ago
From Germany to Florida - UBC Personal Profile: "Tell us about who you are..."

Undergraduatetararanganatha - Dec 7, 2019Maria - 1 day ago
IELTS WRITING TASK2 - Free Subjects Decisions?

Writing Feedbackroswita116 - Dec 6, 2019Maria - 1 day ago
IELTS writing task 2: The freedom of the media

Writing Feedbackskeptical - Dec 4, 2019hungxd08 - 2 days ago
Essay about whether human fight against climate change or finding new habitable planet?

Writing Feedbackd1a9t99 - Dec 1, 2019d1a9t99 - 2 days ago
[MAP - task 1 IELTS] Map description about changes after the hydroelectric power dam was build

Writing Feedbackphamnhuphuong - Dec 6, 2019phamnhuphuong - Dec 7, 2019
IELTS GT 2 worldwide trend of vegetarianism which supposed to be beneficial to our health

Writing Feedbackplforielts - Dec 1, 2019plforielts - Dec 7, 2019
IELTS Writing 2: Compulsory unpaid community service for high school students

Writing FeedbackTriceLiu - Dec 6, 2019XPROFF - Dec 6, 2019
Question on the amount of personality within my Digital Media Arts Graduate Statement of Purpose

Graduatejwoakley - Dec 4, 2019Maria - Dec 6, 2019