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IELTS writing academic about divorce

Writing Feedbackngochanh123 - 2 hrs ago -
Writing task 2: University or college is the best route to a successful career

Writing Feedbackmegazetz - 1 day agomegazetz - 3 hrs ago
Personal Statement GKS Accounting

Scholarshipnadiahime - 3 hrs ago -

Writing FeedbackHarper - 1 day agoHolt - 4 hrs ago
Beside maximizing profit, all the companies should care about making benefits for society

Writing Feedbacknnbapbap - 1 day agoHolt - 4 hrs ago
The two pictures illustrate how the layout of the ground floor in this house will be changed

Writing Feedbackambery - 1 day agoHolt - 4 hrs ago
Increasing the price of fuel as the optimal solution to solve environmental problems

Writing Feedbacknartarus2000 - 1 day agoHolt - 5 hrs ago
GKS Personal Statement - Undergraduate - Business Administration

ScholarshipMinhtu - 12 hrs ago -
Personal Statement for Postgraduate Study. University in United Kingdom (Development Studies)

Graduateaktivasi - 15 hrs ago -
My personal statement for GKS undergraduate (Business Administration)

Scholarshipnb19 - 2 days agohsstudent - 16 hrs ago
Describe the context you've grown up in and how those factors influenced your life and growth.

Scholarshiphsstudent - 17 hrs ago -
Given are the pie charts comparing two sexes in terms of the proportion of occupations in the UK

Writing Feedbackpapcaii - 21 hrs ago -
The number of students in both genders who graduated in Canada between 1992 and 2007

Writing Feedbackivyisstudying - Sep 14, 2021papcaii - 22 hrs ago
GKS (KGSP) Scholarship Personal Statement - for degree in Fashion styling

ScholarshipSomnium - 2 days agoHolt - 1 day ago
Global Korea Scholarship undergraduate (for strategic communication)

Scholarshipraihanaz - 1 day ago -

Writing Feedbackjangchul - Sep 21, 2021Holt - 1 day ago
The amount of people who took train at London Underground Station in a day for sixteen hours

Writing Feedbackmonicaaa0017 - Sep 18, 2021Kim2989 - 1 day ago
Personal Statement GKS Graduate 2022 University Track Master's Degree Chemical Enginnering

Scholarshipshriibk - Sep 9, 2021may4 - 1 day ago
PERSONAL STATEMENT / Global Korea Scholarships (GKS-U) 2022 / Media & Communication

Undergraduatedearzhongli - Sep 19, 2021may4 - 1 day ago
Discuss both views. Cheap products or long lasting product. This is an IELTS essay

Writing Feedbacktuonghuy - Sep 21, 2021tuonghuy - 2 days ago
Lots of teenagers today would rather socialize online than communicate in person

Writing Feedbackqnhuluong - Sep 21, 2021Holt - 2 days ago
The chart below gives information on the per of British people giving money to charity by age range.

Grammar, UsagePham - 2 days ago -
How to build the medical health care system

Writing FeedbackPubricahealth - Sep 21, 2021Holt - 2 days ago
GKS 2022 undergraduate major in film. "Being a part of something special makes you special, right?"

Undergraduatemay4 - Sep 20, 2021Holt - 2 days ago
People are interested in finding out about the history of the house they live in. Why ? How ?

Writing Feedbackhtphats - 2 days ago -
Information about the travelling tendency (cities visited) by people from the USA, Canada and Mexico

Writing Feedbackpapcaii - Sep 20, 2021papcaii - 2 days ago
Essay about the factors bringing success - advise

Writing Feedbackhelloitssheila - Sep 20, 2021Holt - 2 days ago
Ielts task on public, private and self-employed sectors of the economy in the UK

Writing Feedbacknobodycares19 - Sep 20, 2021papcaii - 2 days ago
IELTS WRITING TASK 2: Will libraries be relevant in the future?

Writing Feedbackchantran - Sep 20, 2021Holt - Sep 21, 2021

Writing FeedbackItsthu - Sep 20, 2021Holt - Sep 21, 2021