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Many people think that every individual is responsible for their own healthy lifestyle.

Writing Feedbackitsme2216Ummu - 6 mins ago
Chevening Career Plan Essay - to continue working in the Oil & Gas industry in my country

ScholarshipMariap88Mariap88 - 9 mins ago

UndergraduateLUBR2310 -
"Leadership comes from within". Everyone is a leader in their own way. Chevening Essay

Scholarshipbellachyntiabellachyntia - 51 mins ago
Being experienced at different leadership positions throughout whole life

ScholarshipYommy -
I determine to apply for the Chevening 2018-19 scholarship - answer to leadership question

Scholarshipesraa mowafy -
I formed a team to determine the reasons for problems of scientific research in Egypt

ScholarshipMarwa1992 -
IELTS Task 2: Discuss the causes and some effects of widespread drug

Writing Feedbackjust_writer -
I disagree that university should accept same number of men and women in each subjects.

Writing FeedbackChi Han -
Tranfer essay about discovering the pharmaceutical field as a career path - Common App Prompt

Undergraduatebloomdalerx -
IELTS Task 1 - Bar chart - Population distribution in the Northwest region (1900 to 2050)

Writing FeedbackTran Minh HienChi Han - 7 hours ago
[IELTS] The percentage of female employees in major tech companies in the US

Writing FeedbacknamibdesertChi Han - 7 hours ago
The bar charts compares the percentage of Australian men and women who do regular exercise

Writing FeedbackChi Han -
Chevening Leadership and Influence answer, anyone check my essay.

ScholarshipMohammad Tahir G -
Leadership is not a title or a position ! ( Chevening Essay)

ScholarshipHaya103222Haya103222 - 8 hours ago
Chevening essay - My journey to becoming a leader

ScholarshipXti02Holt - 9 hours ago
Letter of Motivation for MAIA Erasmus Mundus Scholarship - what fascinates me?

GraduateAnamZahraHolt - 9 hours ago
I learned to stand up for myself and for others. A meaningful story essay

Undergraduatejay01Rahma155 - 11 hours ago
Leadership offers wide spectrum to develop, implement and persuade people towards a positive change

ScholarshipRahma155Rahma155 - 12 hours ago
SOP for MS in Business Analytics; the dynamic field of big data analytics, predictive analytics

Graduatejdutta1992jdutta1992 - 12 hours ago
Posessing great networking skills is like a treasure, and it's the key to knowing people

Scholarshipasmaasalemasmaasalem - 12 hours ago
Writing Task 1: incidents and injuries per 100 million passenger miles travelled (PMT) by transport

Writing FeedbackFlashBanGHolt - 12 hours ago
ielts task 2 : - People should work a fixed number of hours per week

Writing Feedbackvipy411Jimmy879873 - 13 hours ago
[Task 1] The two maps show an island, before and after the construction of some tourist facilities

Writing FeedbackLadyOfClockworkHolt - 13 hours ago
Essay for MS in Commerce at UVA - describe the unique aspects of your background and motivations

Graduatemingrumingru - 13 hours ago
writing task 2 : some people think universities should make sport a compulsory module on all degree

Writing FeedbackAliminHamzahJimmy879873 - 13 hours ago
Essay for MSF in Carey Business School - Business with humanity. Need your advices

Graduatemingrumingru - 13 hours ago
[CHEVENING] - potentials get higher, and skills grow accordingly to improve the society around me

ScholarshipDalia123Holt - 13 hours ago
SOP for Masters in Data Science program in Northeastern University

Graduaterevanth92revanth92 - 15 hours ago
Whoever controls the media also controls opinions and attitudes of the people

Writing FeedbackUmmuHolt - 15 hours ago