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About Us

How thoughtful of you to have wondered about us and clicked over to this page! We are no one in particular, actually. Strictly speaking, as an EssayForum.com member you are us. We are the ones who want you to write well, so we collaborate here. This is our way of making a contribution, and we invite you to join us in the effort!

Even though you do not need to know a lot about grammar and composition in order to provide "peer reviews" that will help other members, the forum does need some people who know the rules: All EssayForum moderators are professional writers, editors, and educators with degrees from American, Canadian, Australian, and British colleges and universities. The currently-active moderators are Tamara, Sean, and Kevin. Because we have advanced knowledge of grammar, composition, and research, it is easy for us to help students with their academic writing. And we do it for free!

Our guidance can go a long way as a result of the digital revolution - and this powerful, world-wide "web" of communication. We can provide advice from afar, but even that is not EssayForum's best quality. The best thing about EssayForum is that, every time you post an essay, the professional advice you receive is preserved so that it can be of benefit to countless other people over the years. Online collaboration is an inexpensive way for scholars and teachers to provide instruction that will be more effective than any instruction could have been in the history of education.

Our Mission

Collaboration is central to the modern paradigm of education. When a group of us discusses your essay, the total insight gained by everyone involved is "more than the sum of its parts." Each thread at EssayForum consists of several people's input, and when you put them all together something entirely unique is created. That is why you have something to contribute even if you are not yet confident about your writing. Everyone has a unique perspective on any given essay - so spend some time helping others, and then enjoy their help. Enjoy the efficiency of this online forum for improving your writing.

We help because we are good at it, and because we understand the importance of education. Education, in the conventional sense, is an institution that can become stale or dysfunctional on its own. Scholars need to constantly keep education fresh. By participating at EssayForum we can contribute to the prevention of complacency by cultivating this new dimension of education. War, poverty, intolerance, crime, violence, pollution are the diseases of our world - and education is the cure common to all of them.

We are excited about making an education-based contribution to humanity via the Internet, and you should be, too. People of all ages, cultures, and skill levels are represented here, and your help is useful to all of them. Even if you are still trying to learn the English language, your opinion can help every person in these forums. Writers need multiple reviews of their work - reviews from diverse readers - so that they can get deep insight into the art of writing. If we all help two people every time we ask for help, the forums here will work very well. Join us in fortifying 21st century education!

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