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Jan 8, 2022
Graduate / Motivation for science and engineering - SOP for GENIAL GrEen NetworkIng And cLoud computing program [3]

QUESTION: I would like to know if my SOP thoroughly addressed the STAR (SITUATION, TASK, and RESULT) for this Erasmus master program GENIAL
GrEen NetworkIng And cLoud computing.

Deadline: 31/01/2022

Statement of purpose

According to research, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector is contributing quite extensively to the carbon footprint on the earth. As technology advances, the footprint produced will grow heavily. Since the inception of computers, much of the architectural design focus has been directed to the high speed and low complexity of the system. However, studies and recent events have shown that the energy costs of computing are negatively affecting the environment. In recent years, green networking has become increasingly more important to reduce green gas emissions in the environment

Curiosity has always been an innate skill in me right from my childhood days. As a young pupil, I fell in love with science and engineering, when I stumbled on an abandoned analog telephone, which I later out of inquisitiveness, was later remodelled in the shape of a matchbox and a pair of strings to produce some echo sounds. A few days later, I designed a doorbell using a magnetic motor and a battery.

Thus, my motivation for science and engineering emerged from this humble beginning and considerably informed my decision to major in Electrical/Electronic Engineering at the undergraduate level where I graduated as the third best student in my class. In my undergraduate class, I studied various subjects related to the theory of electromagnetism, Digital Communication and Computers, etc. but what grasped my interest were Information Technology and Networking coupled with a brief internship at HUAWEI Nigeria, I underwent rigorous training in the telecommunication engineering field. My time at HUAWEI, allowed me to operationalize the essential functional and practical aspects of the field, particularly, during my inclusion as a member of the project team that oversaw the design and construction of new base station subsystems (BBS) for one of the major telecommunication companies (ETISALAT) in Nigeria. So I decided to pursue a career in the field of IT and to be an IT Expert.

I worked as an IT Support Engineer at Nestle Nigeria Plc which happened to be one of their largest factories in sub-Saharan Africa. My key responsibilities include providing technical support for roughly 500 users and troubleshooting the Network's incidents. Working in such a challenging position broadened my technical knowledge in the field of IT and significantly improved my communication skills.

During my time at Nestle, I was a key member of the project team that implemented a factory automation system (FAS). Nestle realized that most of the larger markets rely on FAS to achieve expected levels of efficiency. For these factories, information must be managed side-by-side and in close coordination with manufacturing processes; automated IT systems interfaces frequently do the work of non-existent clerical labour with greater speed, quality, and flexibility.

My time at Nestle taught me how important it is to be more aware of my environment as a result of their various programs and policies on climate change such as the importance of saving energy, gas, water, and compressed air which are the critical components that drive the factory, the need for waste segregation. Currently, I work as a Cloud Support Engineer at Tek-Experts Nigeria where I provide both phone and email-based technical support on Microsoft Azure Infrastructure, including major services such as compute, storage, and security to corporate customers around the world and with some industry professional certifications and training in cloud and Linux under my belt from industry-leading experts.

I also participate in my company's corporate social responsibilities. The most recent was the world clean-up day where we went to a popular beach in Lagos to clean up. Outside of work, I do also provide mentoring sessions for young pupils on the important career choice at the early stage.

We are now at a crossroad where all hands must be on deck in saving our planet through collective responsibility in our various fields of endeavour. As worldwide ICT infrastructure grows, and the power consumed by the ICT field increases, the importance of green networking and computing solutions is crucial for sustainable growth.

The GENIAL program caught my attention because it aimed to combine advanced ICT with environmental, economic, and social awareness. I believe by enrolling in this program I can gain expertise in green networking, system engineering, and their implementation in actual applications, which I barely obtained from my undergraduate study. More also, studying in 3 prestigious universities in a different country would be a true honour for me besides I'd love to have the opportunity to learn and work alongside recognized research professors.

It would be an adventure of a lifetime for me, where learning transcends beyond the classroom. There would be an opportunity for me to learn about another culture and life in Europe. I will meet new friends who have different opinions.

I am going to apply my expertise in the technology industry after I graduate from this program, specifically related to networking systems and cloud services particularly in my home country. Considering my long-time experiences in technology industries as well as my previous academic achievement, I am sure I am going to succeed in the master's program.