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Aug 3, 2010
Undergraduate / Common App: Sibling Class, Activity Short Answer [4]

At our local hospital, Sibling Class is a program ran by teenagers to help little kids adjust to the arrival of a baby sibling. As instructors, we are responsible for delivering basic information about the process, answering questions, and guiding them through a hospital tour, all within a two-hour time frame. Each time, however, my experience has varied. Sometimes, the kids are really rowdy, so it is difficult to get their attention. Other times, they are shy, so we have to spark interest and give them the confidence to actively participate. Because this program requires us to almost instantly adapt to the circumstances, I have learned to become more versatile. We never know how the kids will behave, but we have to quickly adjust to the situation while simultaneously fulfilling our lesson plans. Although it can be a stressful environment, I have definitely improved at remaining calm under pressure. Overall, it has just been a very humbling and rewarding experience.