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Gachhong Heng   
Aug 10, 2012
Writing Feedback / 'spending twelve years at high school' - Student Should Work Part-time While Studying [8]

Mostly, the students starting attend the universities as the freshmen are always looking for part-time job. While studying, doing the part-time job doesn't matter if it doesn't effect to their studying. Experiences, salary, knowledge are the advantages of doing part-time job.

Seeing thing differently, all the people have different view about part-time job. Some of the students and their parents feel that working while studying is effect to their improvement of studying. In contrast, in my point of view I strongly prove the university student to start working while studying. It won't effect to their studying if only they can make balance between the time to work and study. I'm sure that working and studying at the same time, sometimes, can make them exhausted, but it's also giving them back a lot of benefit.

Firstly, student can get both knowledge and experience at the same time. The real experience at which they get in the work place can fulfill their lack point at university. Knowledge which they get day by day, include the experience are also the best way to master their major at the university. Without doubt, when they graduate from the university they will get both bachelor's degree and four-year-experience.

In addition, they can get the salary for fear that they can save or pay for the school fee. Without asking money from their parents, they might become an independent people who can earn the money to support the family or for themselves either. As what I am thinking about, try to work and find the money on their own is also the part of goodness things which they can do to repay their parents kindness. The parents must be very surprise if their child buys the present for them with their own salary, for instance.

More than this, they can show the ability and knowledge that they have spending twelve years at high school with the large amount of money; it is also the suitable time to show up their real ability. The parents must be very proud of their child when their child becomes a high ability person.

We, the students, should take time to find the part-time job which suitable to our ability rather than spending the spare time with the worse things. In short, I strongly believe that working and studying at the same time are providing a lot of benefits to the students.