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Jan 19, 2013
Writing Feedback / Television is one cause of communication lack between friends and family, it kills free time [4]

Do you agree or disagree that television destroyed the communication between friends and family.

I think television contributed in ruining the personal communication between family members and friends. Television is an appealing medium and people use it heavliy because of the extra free time they have for their favourite programs. Also, the explicit contents that can islotae the person from communicating with others. However, critics believe that television can provide beneficial programs and can bring people in one place.

People who are bored perfer to spend their extra time on television and enjoy their favourite daily programs that have special timings which can cause distractions from interacting with others. They perfer to kill their time infront of teleevision instead of making it valuable by spending it with family members or enjoying outdoor activities with friends to strengthen the relationship. However, critics argue that television can gather people in one place and have better communication, for example, enjoying a soccer game in a coffee shop or watching a family movie.

Further more, television can be harmful at some point because it shows explicit contents that tempt people to become more addictive. This will isolate them from interacting with people around them and could weakened their communication skills, for instance, sexuality that can be seen in movies and series. However, other orgue that television can be a positive medium because it provide educational programs for all ages such as , national geographic.

To sum it up, television helped people to have lack of communication because of the free time and favorite programs, also, the harmful programs that damage the relationship. However, others believe that television can enhance the communication between people.