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Oct 31, 2013
Writing Feedback / IELTS WRITING TASK 2:boarding schools are getting popular,positive or negative ? [3]

Living in 21st century ,people are firmly convinced that schooling plays a pivotal role in children's growth , and educationists have been trying to better the education system. However, due to theflourish of boarding schools, even though which has been accounted a positive development, parents have begun to worry about the obvious shortcomings .For me , I believe that boarding schools are beneficial to both children and parents.

Admittedly ,what parents concern about is that attending boarding schools may affect children's development in terms of cognition and emotion .From the perspective of cognitive issues, teenagers or adolescents who study in boarding schools have less access to variety of out-of-school activities and merely fix attention on academic study and communication in peer groups.As a result, they may tend to be restricted in general knowledge and experience of the world,then losing their competitive edge.Besides, separated from parents for a long time ,children can readily feel homesick. In such case ,it will ,to some extent, weaken the family bonds, causing children emotional and psychological problems, which impact their future development .

However, I think that people should by no means neglect what a boarding school genuinely bring about. Since students need to spend most of their time in campus, they have to develop independence and social skills as well as hone their problem-solving skills. This is because ,in the past, when we encountered difficulties, be it in academic study or in social life ,parents could provide us with guidance and support.But in boarding schools, there are many disturbing situations we must face up bravely and learn how to tackle them by ourselves or consulting our tutors .Moreover ,isolated in a boarding school , students have less distractions and parents have no longer worried about children's personal securities .It is this kind of environment that can not only help students to make the use of their study time and fulfill their potential,but also save working parents' worry and alleviate their burden .

Thus ,I would conclude that , at this stage, boarding schools are indeed not perfect at many aspects ,but with the development of this school ,citizens can point out where it remains to be improved and both participate in the construction of best education system .