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Oct 25, 2016
Scholarship / I always admired the skills of leadership of many people in my country. Chevening Scholarship. [3]

I am applying to a chevening Scholarship. then I need your help. review my essay

Chevening is looking for individuals that will be future leaders or influencers ...

I always admired the skills of leadership of many people in my country and since my childhood I learned to emulate certain characteristic that leaders have, like teamwork, having high expectations, planning work, teaching by example could be much more valuable than teaching just talking. I have had some opportunities to demonstrate my skills as a leader for instance during the last year of my college studies I was the representative of the student council in oil and gas engineering career, where I contributed with my leadership skills, having a strategic expectation, in my later jobs I put into practice my skills of arduous work and work under pressure in the targets scope. These experiences serve to me during the later labor life and to confront the problems that appear in the daily life in a positive and organized way.

In the University as student council representative, I was part of the committee that was responsible to contact and invite oil services companies to the first symposium in oil and gas engineering, I show them a brief summary of how it would be organized. I talked about the objectives we wanted to achieve and we assign them a specific topic according to the specific characteristics of each company. Following that, we started by publishing about the symposium, printing posters and talking with the students.

As a result of the venture we had the presence of six major oil and gas companies which imparted valuable information and education attended by 560 students from different semesters. We received congratulations from the head of career and university teachers, from this initiative the symposiums were repeated in the university the following years.

In conclusion, I firmly believe I have skills of leadership such as team worker, hard worker looking to complete goals successfully, I think that way you are is one of the best ways of influencing on other persons which means be trustworthy, and possess high moral values in addition to that being humble to continue learning in order to make contributions to the society particularly the oil and gas industry community where is very important to prepare young people to be leaders in the future to lead the oil and gas sector in a country where the economy is based on energy revenues.