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Animal Farm: Reflection on what you learnt

So basically we have to do a reflection on what we learnt from a specific book. I chose animal Farm, and here's the reflection, not very good so far.

"All animals are equal but some are more equal than others." That was the one thing that I'll always remember about Animal Farm. Not only is this a gross abuse of the word equal, it is also essentially how the plot develops, with the animals all treated equally at first. But later, some animals, namely the pigs, were deemed superior to the other animals.

Animal Farm is filled with irony and symbolism. One good example would be the name of the black pig, Napoleon. It is named after the French leader and conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte. I find it a good example of symbolism since Napoleon first fought to end the tyranny of the aristocracy and in the end, he became the very tyrant which he was supposed to fight. I realized that no matter how much power we have, we must never lose sight of what our original goals are. After all, Power itself can corrupt people.

However, I think that another problem that caused the Animal Farm to fall into despotism was that the fact that not many of the animals were well educated. Boxer, who represented the working class of the Farm, worked harder than everyone else. However, he had no political views of his own and took whatever Napoleon said to be the truth. That eventually led to his death at the hands of Napoleon and his accomplices. I learnt that the naivety of the working class, and how they were willing to question authority, acted as fuel to flame the ruling class' oppression.

Propaganda played a major role in Napoleon's manipulation of the other farm animals. In Napoleon's case, Squealer was Napoleon's propaganda tool. Squealer used many ways of persuading the animals, such as using large words, to make himself sound like a professional, skipping from side to side, and using intimidation, by saying that if they do not obey XXX, Jones would come back. Through this, I learnt that one should not listen to someone just because they are intimidating you or because they use big words. That's just ways to obfuscate someone so that they could not make a good judgment.

Please help me make these paragraphs more cohesive and help me improve in any way possible.

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sorry I didn't see this earlier...

if this was a reflection, it should be fine. some grammar mistakes but it's well written-ish.
interesting use of obfuscate at the end
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"All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others." ---> Check the book to see if a comma was used... if not, keep it out... but you should check...

Sorry it took a long time to get help! I hope it's not too late. This is good composition, and it has a good thesis sentence at the end of that first para. It seems kind of random to start the last para with a sentence about propaganda. Tie all the ideas together around one central idea to which they are all related. It's all about figuring out the word or phrase that captures the meaning of the whole essay. I don't see any errors...

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