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"Portrait of a Young Man" with St. "Catherine In Prison" - Compare and contrast essay

MoeMoe1 14 / 80  
May 7, 2009   #1
I chose Portrait of a Young Man by Bronzino ( Mannerist) and compare withSt. Catherine In Prison, by Veronese (Mannerist)... I am suppose to Compare and Contrast the visual elements. For example , how does the presentation differ? The composition? The dark/light pattern? How does the style add ore take away from the subject matter. Talk about the works in terms of their time period, style, subject matter and how that affected the ideas each one expresses..

So how do I start it off in the on intro? and body and conclusion?

I need a outline so i can start reading what i got in the libaray and implment it with the questions and expand it into 4 pages. I got a paper from my friend and she started off with the intro like this:

Nineteenth Century Impressionism evolved in France in the late 1800's. Art works were no longer centered around politics and religion, art did not teach or preach; art works began reflecting the view of the artist. Artists began to take a new interest in depicting landscapes, entertainment, cityscapes, daily life activities etc; they found they're subjects around them rather than in history. Artists often painted outdoors to capture the true essence of nature. A new realism was coming into play. Instead of trying to capture ideal beauty, impressionists wanted to capture a given moment, the original version. Artists began to study natural light and how they could depict it in their art works; they also created art works that evoked a certain mood or atmosphere. Two paintings that are from the impressionism period "Graziella" 1878, by the French artist Jules-Joseph Lefebvre and "Roman Girl at a Fountain" 1875, by the French artist Leon Bonnat. These two paintings exemplify the true aspects of the impressionism period in similar yet contrasting ways.

Painters are both Italian and mannerist and late 1500's I assume so should I explain that what is a mannerist and how does it realtate on the way they thought and there way of styleing due to the time period?

please anyone can help asap its due tomorrow! very very appreciated! thanks guys!

EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
May 7, 2009   #2
You pretty much have answered your own question. Explain what characterizes Italian mannerist paintings of the late 1500s, and then explain how your two chosen paintings exemplify that. Do that in a paragraph, and you have an intro. Expand on it for several pages, and you have an essay. Good luck.

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