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a question concerning the american literature thesis

tarekbaziz 1 / -  
Jul 8, 2012   #1
hello everyone,

this is my first post here, and i hope that someone can help me, i'm a second year master student and i have to present a dissertation of about 50-60 pages about any theme in american literature, but i just can't find any good thesis statement to discuss, in addition to that i don't know how to develop the idea and divide it into chapters...i just want some ideas to have an idea about the kind of themes and ideas discussed in this field of study ...

thank you
KhanhZ 5 / 131 7  
Jul 10, 2012   #2
If what, I'm just a high school student.
and, hey, you are a graduate student and you don't know how to develop ideas. that's not good.
Try to explore something like "the American Dream and how it changed over the course of the history of American literature"
1. Introduction + some thesis
-introduce why did you choose the topic, tell what tangled you in this area
then just divide all chapters by centuries like
2. 18 century
and explore each period of American literature...explore the social backgrounds of every period and how they impacted the writers of that time and the notion of American Dream .

Then you conclude somehow.

Home / Book Reports / a question concerning the american literature thesis
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