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My review on Henrick Ibsen's A Doll's House

smskamel 1 / 1  
Sep 12, 2006   #1
Really, Ibsen draws a great picture for women in that play.He also shows us how much they were badly-appreciated during that period.

Nora Helmer took a loan from Krogstad in order to save her husband,Torvald.But she couldn't tell her ill father about it,and she forged his signature!

After that,she becomes Krogstad blackmailing's victim!All that for her husband's sake.
The second letter by Krogstad makes a noticable change in the play's plot.If Torvald didn't read it,everything might go as it was.I mean,Nora would be her husband's baby doll,just calling her with names like (little skylark,sweet bird,etc...).But,she turns to put up an end for this miserable life with him.She wants to feel free,to be educated,to have the same rights as men.So that,she leaves her kids and hubby,in a hope to be back and begin a new life with them.

There was a reverse picture for Nora's and Mrs Linden's lives in the play.Firstly,Mrs Linden comes to Nora as a forlorn,seeking for a job after sacrificing for her brothers and mother-by getting married to a rich man.By the end,she begins a new life with her old mate,krogstad.Later in the play,Nora becomes a forlorn after separation from her husband,and goes to Mrs Linden!

Nora needs to find an identity for herself in that society.She is treated as a doll not only in her husband's house,but in her father's house as well.Torvald seems to be ungrateful to Nora's sacrificial role in his life,when he says:"Nobody sacrifices his honor for the one he loves".But she says:"Hundreds and thousands of women have".

She obeys Dr.Rank-the physician of the family-to leave her house so as not to corrupt her kids with her morality.

To summarize,what Nora did is a courage for all the women to have their complete rights during that period.Nora's like a bird in a cage,owned by a selfish owner (Torvald).Suddenly,that bird breaks away from that cage,and flies freely to a new life of freedom.
EF_Team2 1 / 1708  
Sep 13, 2006   #2

I am happy to provide you with some feedback.

First off, if this is intended to be a formal essay for an English or literature class, your writing style is a bit casual. I'd eliminate "Really" in the opening and use the title rather than "that play." Avoid exclamation points and unnecessary phrases like, "I mean." Try to find more vivid adjectives than "great" or repetitive ones like "flies freely to a new life of freedom."

Probably the most important suggestion I can make is that you proofread closely for grammar and word usage. You have some sentence fragments ("All that for her husband's sake.") Some places words are not used properly in conjunction with other words: "how much they were badly-appreciated" could be phrased better as, "how women were mistreated and undervalued . . ." and you use "a forlorn" several times. Forlorn is not a noun; one can "become forlorn" but not be "a forlorn." Be sure to put a space after periods and commas.

Reading your essay out loud can help you hear where there may be problems such as, "she turns to put up an end for this miserable life" when you probably meant "she turns up to put an end to" it.

Remember to write as if you are explaining the play to someone who has never read it. Keep polishing it until it shines and your hard work will pay off!


Sarah, EssayForum.com
OP smskamel 1 / 1  
Sep 13, 2006   #3
Thanks a lot. I'll try to improve my writing.

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