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Treasure in Beowulf; Essay finished, need revision

ashaiba 2 / 2  
Dec 8, 2008   #1
The essay is finished, but i desperately need more quotes and my body paragraphs need to be about two times bigger than they are now in order for me to get a decent grade; I also need a good conclusion! any help would be greatly appreciated


Despite the author being unknown, Beowulf has taken its way through the lives of many generations. Beowulf, the protagonist and hero of the story, takes on the role of a risk taker who follows whatever he believes, until he grows older to become wiser. His antagonist, which includes: Grendel, Grendel's mother, and the Dragon challenge Beowulf's decision-making and strength, which give Beowulf more of an incentive to kill the enemy and take the treasure for proof. Treasure was one of the most important elements of the Anglo-Saxon's lives.

During the Anglo-Saxon period, treasure signifies the bravery and courage of an individual. The amount one has puts a basis on what his social class is. The type and amount of weapons one has is a symbol of his treasure. Beowulf is known to have a lot of weapons, which represent his treasure. Hrothgar's lieutenant, upon seeing Beowulf, can tell he is wise and honorable, from his weapons. The lieutenant "[had never] ... seen a mightier man-at-arms on this earth than the one standing [near him]." (247-50)

Another idea that people determine from seeing treasure is the mark of success in battle. Shining, beautiful armor, silver mail and gold swords represent it. The more distinctive their armaments were thought to be, the more honorable and noble the warriors were. The narrator explains that "their mail-shirts glinted, had and hand-linked; the high-gloss iron of their armour rang." (321-23) This is what the people had seen and based their opinions of the warriors from.

The ending of the Anglo-Saxon society could have been because of the greed that came along with the idolization of certain treasures. When people are so deeply involved about getting the best and most treasure, they loose the essence of a functioning society with a governing figure. It is anarchy with a twist of Laissez Faire. Everyone defends themselves, no authority, and no real law. All codes are run mutually and aren't enforced with any official enforced, but by vigilantes which ultimate run themselves and their anarchistic society

The treasure that's shown in the pre-Christianized Scandinavia and northern Europe is far greater than that seen in the Christianized southern Europe and Rome. "A Geat woman... sang out in grief," (3150) saying that "Heaven swallowed the smoke," (3155) of Anglo-Saxon society. Christianity took over the idols and treasures. The Scandinavian and northern region of Europe is not as organized as you would see in the Mediterranean regions. With that comes a lack of a fully working, law enforcing, and governing force. With the known society of that region, it is seen that the people will go beyond what is known as an ethical act of today to get what they want. When Beowulf dies, "[his] treasure had been won, bought and paid for by Beowulf's death."(2843-42) He has basically given his own life for the treasure.

King Hrothgar uses gold as a peace offering after Beowulf's father, "with his own hands, ... killed Heathholaf." King Hrothgar makes peace with the Wulfings, and therefore the Geats are indebted to the Danes. This is why Beowulf travels to the Danes immediately to annihilate Herot.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Dec 9, 2008   #2
Oh, I think I know exactly what you are missing! The paragraphs need to be longer, complete and full, and you say you need more quotes to meet the prof's expectations... so elaborate on the quotes and citations you have and add a few more.

Each paragraph is a thought. You introduce it with a topic sentence, and then you elaborate, and then you give some evidence from the reading. Finally, you condlude the paragraph by reflecting on the idea and citation... so, for a lot of the above, you just need to add a reflective, concluding sentence.

Pull out a few more quotes and citations, and each can be used to create a whole new paragraph.

Good luck!!

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