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Rianda Ridho   
May 11, 2017
Writing Feedback / Essay ielts task 2 (Improve technolgical skill) [3]

Nowadays, parents often let their children play a lot with computers and tablets in order to improve their technological skills.
Do the advantages of the use of this device from an early age outweight the disadvantages?

an idea to familiarize children early with new gadgets

Gadgets offering technology to create live more pleasent than before. Several people argue wheater learn gadget earlier would develop sophisticated childern become technology expert in the future. i completly convince that access to gain job are easier than other would be possible for them.

Modern people cannot deny that these whole word need people who capable with cutting - edge technology. A lot of parents should aware that their children are feasible to absorb effect on learn technology earlier, one possible consequence is world in the future seek people who well - known about gadget.let take an example, technology company like google are willing to pay an enermous wages for highly gifted person who competent in technology. Thus, by introducing technology earlier for childern, it should be worthy to compete and increase possibility to achieve higher revenue in the future.

In addition, live in the future would much more depend on technology. A plenty people are optimistic that childern in the sequel would be able to cope a lot of problem with technology. For example, currently, many expert have no idea to teckle many disaster.Future prediction, many inhabitans have a huge expectation that this problem would be demolished by people who competent with it. It reveals kids should be cogitate about it at the beginning of their ages.

To conclude, children are more worhty by familiarize them how to operate all of gadgets more beneficial, pouring assume that they should be able to settle down significant problem with technology in the future.