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Jun 11, 2017
Writing Feedback / Schools concentrate far too much on traditional subjects which do not adequately prepare student [3]

the curriculum should focus on preparing to future jobs

Nowadays, schools still focus on traditional subjects more than modern subject. Many subjects can not meet the needs of the future jobs. I completely agree with the statement that school too much concentrate on traditional subjects which affect students in the modern working.

To begin with, schools must be more flexible in the education because every student will choose and follow the different ways. So they need a different knowledge's source. For example: the technology development is becoming a vital part in modern society which demand a number of the skilled workforce. As the result, if students proficient in using computer or machine, they will achieve success in their career. Therefore, teaching too much traditional subjects for everyone is not a good method.

In addition, the traditional subjects always learn a lot of theories than skills. That is the reason why many students feel boring when studying them, such as: history, literature or geography. But people can ignore them because all the subjects concern about culture and the society's problems. So the education systerm should be enhanced. Instead of researching lessons in class or books, we need to hold the meeting or game shows to exchange knowledge and skills between students. Moreover, schools have to add some soft skill subjects. Because the world is integrating and need to the people who flexibly adapt the difficult circumstances.

In conclusion, the traditional subjects are still being concentrated too much. Schools should improve systerm so that students can acquire many new things and meet the needs in the world of work.