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May 14, 2019
Writing Feedback / The two charts reveals the issue of nutritional value of the two selected meals [2]

the nutritional consistency of two dinners

A glance at the two given charts reveals the issue of nutritional value of the two selected meals, namely medium baked potato and macaroni, counted in percentage. All in all, while carbohydrates possesses the most significant proportion, saturated fat and other nutrients account for only negligible portion respectively.

With regard to medium baked potato, 35% is the figure for carbohydrates, which is the most remarkable feature, closely followed by protein with 25%. Surprisingly the third most preferred position belongs to other nutrients and glocose with their figures merely halve that of carbohydrates while saturated fat lies last with 10%.

In terms of macaroni, the crown is still sustained by carbohydrates, taking up more than half of the total amount of nutritive value. At the opposite end of scale, other nutrients constituted only one-fifth of the aforementioned substance. Lastly, glocose and protein possess the homogeneous volume of 11% while that of the remaining substance is two times higher.

(Can you please suggest an approximate band score for this essay. Thank you.)