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Jun 5, 2019
Writing Feedback / IELTS General: Traffic congestion problem and some measure that could be taken to reduce traffic [3]

traffic jams solution

Essay is about: Traffic congestion is becoming a huge problem for many major cities. Suggest some measures that could be taken to reduce traffic in big cities.

Nowadays traffic jam has become common in most of the countries, particularly in metropolitan cities where the population grows nearly double to the growth observed in rural areas. With the rise in population of a city, an increase in the number of vehicles is expected which in turns leads to traffic congestion. Swamped roads play a crucial role in changing weather conditions, increase in the number of asthma patients and road accidents, making a situation more alarming. The government needs to address these issues and make a suitable plan to mitigate these.

Firstly, One of the measures that need to be taken promptly is imposing strict traffic rules. Two cars one family rule will make sure that a small family (approximately four members) should not have more than 2 cars which indeed is not required. The rules has to be self explanatory and people can through it on state website.

Secondly, giving empathize to public transport and initiating campaigns of using carpools can significantly help to drop down the usage of personal vehicles in peak hours. The fares of the buses and metros can be lower down and advertisements for carpools on social sites will consequently make the condition less bad.

Thirdly, for the pedestrians, developing footpath and pedestal bridges will create room for the passing vehicles. Additionally, introducing separate bus lanes will help walkers to catch a bus without crossing a lane and can also reduce the accidents. Both of the points are essential and I believe people will prefer to opt for public transport rather than personal cars or bikes.

Taking above point in consideration I believe that traffic jams will no more be frustrating for the public as they are at present, although, people have to follow the rules and regulation too to make a greater scope of impact over this issue.