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Oct 8, 2019
Writing Feedback / Better gain a tertiary education or equip with soft skills to achieve great success in working? [2]

University qualifications

Some people think that university qualifications will lead to a secure future while others believe that soft skills will lead to success at work.
Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Heading to the future, the young people always comes into consideration of whether they should gain a tertiary education or equip themselves with soft skills to achieve great success in working. These both sides have been a controversial issue that I would analyze in my essay.

It is commonly thought that university graduates were educated with the professional field in a certain industry, hence, they can work to some extent even they have a little of working experience. It is undeniable that post - graduated students with a strong degree of which is included the professional and in-depth knowledge will have many opportunities to be recruited with well-paying jobs. For instance, some global entrepreneurs require university qualifications acting as the prerequisites for the job recruitment.

However, it is also thought that soft skills such as time management, conflict solvability, relationship ... play a crucial role leading to success in the field of working. The fact proves that in working environment, many qualifications are in need of being tackled with soft skills owing to issues of interpersonal relationship. To exemplify, when you are in charge of one task in new teamwork in which you have not been acquainted with the others before, your adaptability skill is essential to get on well with every members in the group to reach the utmost target.

Along with the variety of reasons above, university graduate is essential for academic jobs while soft skills and experience are more useful in vocation and business. In my point of view, basically, the university qualifications are of importance, however I always aware of enhancing my soft skills to get better on job.