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Jan 13, 2020
Scholarship / A step into the future I ever dreamt of - review on my Personal statement for PTDF Msc Scholarship [2]


My interest in Msc Scholarship under the PTDF sponsorship cannot be best explained as I feel it a step into the future I ever dreamt of.

I'm a graduate of Federal University of Technology Akure, Ondo State where I studied Mining Engineering for first degree.
My passion for the Petroleum field was dated back to my secondary School. As a young science student, my desire to work as Petrochemical Engineer or Drilling Engineer with the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Country (OPEC) keened my interest to subject like mathematic, Physic and Chemistry. And pursuing my engineering career as an Undergraduate in the Department of Mining Engineering, my hope of achieving my dream was restore was restored in my year 4 when I was introduced to Petroleum Engineering and Oil and Gas drilling and my interest in the courses spur me to make excellent grade.

Having acquired knowledge of Petroleum Engineering even as Mining Engineer, the desire for Oil and Gas has never ceased as I seized every opportunity to improve in the field both in reading and personal research.

I'm convinced that studying under the PTDF as the right avenue to help me narrow my scope of study to suit my passion which have also influenced the choice of my courses I choose from different University which include Petroleum and Gas Engineering from the University of Portsmouth, Drilling and well Engineering from the Robert Gordon University and Project Management in Oil and Gas from the University of Liverpool all in the United Kingdom.

Upon completion of any of these courses and after being impacted and exposed to modern Technology in the field from qualified experts, I will be open to new idea and innovation which will prepare and place me for the ever- rising challenges faced in the Petroleum Sector in Nigeria and also been an expert to prepare the mind of young Engineers in Nigeria Universities who inspires to join the Petroleum Sector with solid background and foundation need to excel to promote the upgrade of the Sector from the grassroots.