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Jul 5, 2021
Writing Feedback / Whether undergraduates should learn whatever they are fond of or just subjects useful in the future. [2]

Some people think that all university students should study whatever they like.

Others believe that they should only be allowed to study subjects that will be useful in the future, such as those related to science and technology.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Relationship between future career path and subjects is inextricable. In the light of it, what disciplines students should learn is always a topic of general interest. The masses remain divided over whether learning toward subjects they like or just focus on necessary ones which are useful for their future is a better choice. From my perspective, I strongly believe that the latter measure is more reasonable.

The advocacy for pursuing their hobbies is largely justifiable. The key rationale is that without any real passion for your studying, undergraduates will eventually not only run out of your motivation but also feel generally miserable when struggling to attend lectures and completing assignments. In a long run, it seems wise if students have a start with something they love. In addition, people should not force themselves to capture disciplines the majority of humans impose on them because it may inadvertently defer students from living their own lives associated with their own confidence. My friend exemplifies perfectly the situation. He tells how he loved drama since an early age, but choose law because he thought it would make him seem clever and employable. However, he ended up dropping out after one year because he felt he did not belong to this place and it took him a long time to begin over again with his true dream.

Notwithstanding the sensible reasons mentioned, I am of the option that subjects related to their opportunities later on should be given precedence over others. First of all, if students' degrees do not directly lead to a career path, it could be difficult for them to decide which path to take and they might end up feeling lost or confused about what to do next once the excitement of graduation fades away. Additionally, the fact is that tuition fee for enrolling in university is a huge investment of time and money so graduates still have deep debts on their shoulders. This is compounded by price tags of paying for their daily lives such as water, electricity bill and so on. Due to all the factors, it is more realistic when students put a course they really love off in favor of opting for a more typically employable subject as it is more understandable route with so much competition out there.

In conclusion, while there is a fairly justifiable method for chasing their own hobbies, I genuinely believe that students' expenses should be diverted to studying more important disciplines like science and technology, which is instrumental in the preparation for expanding their future career.