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Dec 4, 2021
Undergraduate / Sharing my passion for food with others. UBC personal profile "What is important to you?" [3]

I'm really stuck so please if anyone have any input it will really help me thanks!

UBC personal profile "What is important to you?"

As they say "food is the ingredient that binds us together"; it teaches me in a variety of ways and serves as a medium through which I can engage with others. Food has also served as a piece of canvas on which I've been able to create and experiment out an array of innovative recipes in order to expand my flavor palette. Sharing my passion for food with others has always been one of my favorite aspects of it; it makes bonding and communicating with others a lot simpler.

Aside from food, my family is the most important element of my life. Growing up, I had always been taught the significance of family, and even if I disagree with them at times, I've always sought their company, whether for a simple dinner or a field trip to the beach. My family has molded me into the person I am today; they have given me a great deal of flexibility and independence, which has taught me numerous life lessons about making decisions. Their love encourages me to break boundaries and to be my own authentic self, their trust and support give me the confidence to do and explore more in my daily life.