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Jan 8, 2022
Writing Feedback / Some people think governments should be spent on their proroties. Discuss both view, give opinion [2]

funds for transportation development

In our modern world, transportation has received attention from the public. Many people claim that the authorities should invest in high-speed transportation; however, others believe that the government should focus on other aspects, such as cost or the environment. While I agree with the former idea, I do believe that further investment in other priorities should be made first.

On the one hand, there are several reasons why providing citizens with faster forms of public transportation has brought about benefits. Firstly, it enables people to commute to work quickly and effortlessly, which leads to an increase in work productivity. For example, employees can go to work on time, or students can have more leisure time to revise lessons before class. Furthermore, by adopting this method, people are less likely to be packed with cramped and hot buses. We do not have to leave home very early to get a seat on a bus. As a result, we will have more time to prepare or enjoy breakfast with our family.

On the other hand, I believe that other aspects should be paid attention to. From my perspective, the major priority is the decrease in the price of public transport, which facilitates commuters who have low income. Additionally, the more significant issue is environmental degradation. If we only pay attention to outlay on transport and do not focus on the environment, numerous concerns will happen. For example, exhaust fumes emitted from vehicles exert a detrimental effect on the atmosphere, which makes people susceptible to diseases such as coughs or respiratory-related diseases. As a result, environmentally-friendly vehicles should be invested by related agencies and bodies.

In conclusion, although faster means of public transport should be developed by the authorities, I do believe that spending money on other urgent issues such as the environment or cost is more crucial.