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Nov 18, 2022
Graduate / Signal Processing and communication networks - my grad school essay [2]

My interest in Signal Processing and communication networks

I have been lucky enough to witness the evolution and improvement of subsequent generations of mobile networks in terms of speed and connectivity however, considering the current state of the 4G network available to commercial users in Lagos state - the most commercialized and industrialized state in Nigeria, there are frequent disconnections, buffers in video streaming and conferencing despite a strong 4G signal indication. These inadequacies has raised doubts on whether the 5G network would meet the expectation of a fast and reliable data transmission in a dense interconnection of systems with the least time delay possible. It is my desire to be part of the efforts in processing of mobile communication signals to ensure the high availability, high reliability and low latency expected of the 5G and next generation of mobile networks, particularly in Africa and the world at large.

My interest in Signal Processing and communication networks grew from introductory courses in electronics and circuit theory where I understood how components work individually and collectively to form complex systems. In my fourth and final year, I studied control systems, digital signal processing and digital communication where I learnt advanced concepts like system modelling, system stability, signal/image processing, wireless communication, and networking. The concept of an input, decomposed, manipulated across stages and still being interpretable at the output terminal informed my undergraduate project research under the supervision of Dr aaa. In the study, I utilized MATLAB/SIMULINK in modelling and simulating an AC system with a varying source resistance before using an Arduino Uno/Nano micro-controller in fast switching of pulse signals from a cascaded DC battery level to achieve a stepped signal that closes matches a pure sine wave. Although spikes were introduced due to sudden changes in voltage level, the excellence of this research contributed to my over CGPA of 4.28/5.00 (top 10%).

Furthering my pursuit in research as an undergraduate, I joined Dr ccc's research group where I reviewed literatures on the architecture of the 5G network in comparison to previous generations of wireless networks. There, I narrowed my interest to wireless communication networks and understood concepts like mmWave transmission combined with beamforming, multi access techniques like OFDMA and NOMA, network function virtualization (NFV), software defined networking (SDN) and multiple access edge computing (MEC). I pinpointed machine learning and cloud computing as a major tool for research in 5G and next generations of wireless networks. Thus, I enrolled in courses for theoretical knowledge and completed projects in applying supervised and unsupervised algorithms for data classification, using different datasets. More specifically, I worked on the GTZAN dataset where I investigated amongst algorithms like ANN, SVM, KNN, CNN and utilized approaches like hyperparameter tuning and principal component analysis (PCA) for dimensionality reduction in a bid to get best performing model in terms of accuracy in classifying 10 genres of music.

With these exposure, experience, and skills, I now wish to pursue a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering to expand my knowledge set. I am particularly interested in exploring ways of effectively transmitting radio signals in 5G and next generation of wireless communication networks. The ECE department at university y is highly attractive to me, primarily because of the department's prestige as a top academic unit in scientific research, especially in signal processing and communication which closely matches my research interests and would help me achieve my career goals. I am intrigued by the broad range of research conducted by the renowned faculty members; particularly, that of Professor RH in his Wireless Systems Innovations Lab (WSIL), where distributed learning algorithms is being used to efficiently manage beams for range extension and coverage enhancement of signal waves in 5G and 6G wireless communication systems. Also, Professor HD's works on utilizing federated learning to optimize connectivity, security and computing in wireless networks has been fascinating. In combination, their research has greatly influenced my decision in applying to the Ph.D. program in the ECE department at NCU. I hope to collaborate with them and others on research projects that ensures wireless communication networks is highly available, reliable and meets expected quality of service (QoS).

Immediately after my PhD study I would apply for a faculty appointment in a university to teach students the technicalities of digital communication. In about a year after, I will go for my post-doctoral studies to further enhance my research capability. I would plow back the knowledge and skills acquired in setting up my research laboratory aimed at proffering sustainable solutions to address challenges with wireless communication networks in Nigeria ensuring that the emerging technologies are fully operational in Nigeria. I believe my passion, intellect and broad range of experiences will enable me to succeed in this Ph.D. program and I would be a significant addition to the department.
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