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Nov 17, 2022
Writing Feedback / Essay about hosting an international sports and how it effects a given country [2]

Some people think that hosting an international sports event is good for the country, while some people think it is bad.

Discuss both views and state your opinion.


Recently, another country is chosen to organize a national competition of sport, which brings a lot of profits for this nation. A school of thought holds that an appointed host gives many negative effects on the event. This essay will discuss both views before drawing a reasoned conclusion.

On the one hand, becoming a host of national sports events is an honor for one country, the reason for this is that many audiences all over the world will realize this nation through sports competitions. Plenty of countries nowadays endeavor to attract organizers to be selected to appoint a host. For example, Cambodia attempted to invest in building many affordable courses for sports in order to appeal to SEA games' organizers. In addition, an advantage for the host is their players easily adapted to the game when the events take place, thereby winning with less trouble. Therefore, hosting a sports event will get more benefits than other countries.

On the other hand, the difficulty of a host is responsibility. Some countries just concentrate on the formal appearance of events but they do not focus on the quality of organizing the competition. As a result, various referees cannot have enough standards to assess some difficult fouls in another match. Furthermore, many native players tend to cheat in the game like using dopping because they think that the host will assure safety for their mistake. Consequently, numerous countries are not appreciated by audiences due to their dishonesty in the event.

To conclude, while appointing a host is the glory of one country, putting responsibility in the highest position is vital. It is recommended for the host country should be sincere in international sports events.