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Nov 20, 2022
Scholarship / Africa and Poverty - personal statement [3]

personal statement

Despite Africa being rich in resources, poverty is still the common problem in most of the African countries. As a person from a poor country, I know how painful it is living in a poor country with a lot of resources. I was born in Geita one of the poorest regions in Tanzania a region with enormous natural resources including minerals, abundant soil and tourism attractions.

Unlike many people who were born in poor family and grew up in small poor village, my childhood life taught me a great life lesson. In my village despite the fact that we were living a poor life, people never stopped helping and caring each other. When I was a teenager we used to form small groups in farming seasons to help elders, widowed and disabled in farm works, to make sure that they get food in their homes. We believed that no matter how little we had we still had a chance to help uplift people who were in need.

This is something which is missing in many societies including international community. No matter the efforts by the intentional society to achieve sustainable development goals including poverty. If there is no sense of care among countries and people it will be so hard to achieve these goals. Because at the center of all these efforts there is human heart, if this heat is not groomed well with care for what others are going through all these efforts won't solve but increase more problems.

Education to me wasn't an easy journey. When I was in primary school I had to work 3 kilometers to attend classes. When I was in secondary school i had to ride bicycle for 7 kilometers to attend classes. I loved education since when I was in primary school because I believed education was the only way to help me see the world and find out a way to help my society to fight poverty. Driven by this passion I studied hard and become among the only two students from our school who were selected to attend high school.

This was particularly an important opportunity which helped me to nurture my passion of helping my society fight poverty. When I was in high school I found myself becoming interested with foreign affairs. I was mostly interested with how the world we are leaving today was greatly shaped by the events that happened so long time ago. This is where I totally found myself obsessed with foreign affairs.

Studying bachelor of international relations from the university of Dodoma have shaped my dream of becoming a young diplomat and a researcher in the field of international relations, by exposing and sharping my knowledge on global politics and international affairs. It has also helped me to develop further curiosity on how African countries especially my country can use its natural resources and its diplomacy to fight poverty and in achieving sustainable economic development. The central motivation behind my dream of becoming a diplomat and a researcher in the field of international affairs, is drawn from my experience of how my country have great failed to use its resources for its own development, and also from my believe in diplomacy as the tool for sustainable development.

As the person with ambitions of making changes, furthering my education through common wealth shared scholarship will be a distinguishable opportunity to develop knowledge, attitude, mindset, and necessary skills for the development of my career not only as diplomat but also a researcher. Because it is my dream that one day I will become a competent diplomat to represent my country in the international forums to secure mutual beneficial relations with countries, international firms and organizations for the development of my country. And also, as a researcher to provide solutions on how my country can solve poverty through diplomacy.