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Nov 19, 2022
Writing Feedback / The charts give information about world forest in five different regions. [4]

world forest - the pie charts

The given pie charts compare the proportion of forest in five different continents as well as the production of timber in each region.
Overall, the forests in Africa accounted for the largest proportion of the world's forest while the smallest forest coverage is found in Asia. Additionally, timber produced in North America holds the greatest share of the world's timber whereas the opposite is true for Africa.

In terms of forests, North America and Africa take up the vast majority of forests in the world, at 25% and 27% respectively. The percentage of forest that South America, Europe, and Asia make up is almost the same, at 16%, 18%, and 14% respectively.

According to the second pie chart, around 30% of the world's timber output comes from North America. Despite having the largest proportion of forest, Africa constitutes a negligible amount of timber, at only 9%. Meanwhile, timber in South America, Asia, and Europe comprise 23%, 18%, and 20% of the world's timber.